Warhorse: Kingdom Come Deliverance Is A Unique Experience That Ignores Many Established RPG Tropes

Wccftech interviewed Warhorse PR Manager Tobias Stolz-Zwilling on Kingdom Come Deliverance, the upcoming medieval first person RPG due on February 13th. He explained why the game is unique in its genre while revealing details on the game's modding capabilities, FOV slider, difficulty setting and more.

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ccgr11d ago

Nice, don't mind trying something fresh

KaiPow11d ago

Hard to believe it's finally coming out in less than a month.

Twinblade11d ago

I just hope the game doesn't suck.

Usperg10d ago

Took a chance and backed from day 1, didn't try the beta so not to spoil it for myself but kept an eye on little bits here and there, lets hope all this waiting has paid off.

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