Monster Hunter World Looks Gorgeous in New PS4 Gameplay Showing the Coral Highlands and Monsters

Capcom showcases some really glorious gameplay of the upcoming Monster Hunter World, which is just two weeks away from release.

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8d ago
Mithra8d ago

Im sorry, but this seems pretty horrible. Feels clumsy, unresponsive, very robotic movement from the character, no fall damage, slow awkward fight, framerate hiccups, poor UI... No thank you :)

michellelynn09768d ago

Because the MH team is not used to doing multiplats. Capcom needs to give them more time.

d3nworth17d ago

I've been playing monster hunter since 2004. Played all the psp versions and the HD remaster for ps3. Monster hunter world control way better than any of the previous versions.

michellelynn09768d ago

I loved Monster Hunter, the controls and combat were not this clunky.

michellelynn09767d ago

It is obvious you have not played them all. Sibce the 3ds ones did control better than the psp versions. Which MH was your fav? Which weapon did you use the most?

Movefasta19938d ago

That’s monster hunter lol it isn’t for everyone

michellelynn09768d ago

No it isn't. I have played all the 3ds ones and they were much more responsive.

81BX8d ago

Nice try. You haven't played any of them.

Rangerman12088d ago

I played the beta and honestly the game's fine (to me anyways) the only thing I want them to improve is the monster's AI and some of the controls, besides that it's shapping up to be a great multiplayer ARPG.

As for the combat, it's pretty obvious that the gameplay isn't for everyone since it's a more grounded HRPG when compared to the likes of God Eater and Toukiden.

Of course, I don't know if anyone can actually take your comment seriously since you had to put the smiley face at the end, as if you were trying to piss people off and start a flame war.

zerocarnage7d ago

Guys like him complain because theyre the kind that either rage quit thinking it's hack n slash as fast as you can, or diablos gives them the beating because they thought they could go one hit a boss.

Giraiga138d ago

You know it's sad when the most disliked comment is also the most liked.

I've had my fun playing the Beta 2 times (looking forward playing the third one), although I doubt it'll be perfect i'm sure it's gonna be a great game for those wants to play cooperative games. Also I guess im in the minority who actually thinks the combat is fine, just as long as you don't come in expecting it to play like DMC.

michellelynn09767d ago

So sorry. I have olayed them. I had MH 3 XX, and 4. So get over it. I did have them.

Eiyuuou7d ago

This is what we call a prime example of a subspecies of hunters called the “Shitty Hunter”.

zerocarnage7d ago

Lol, took the words out of my mouth.

zerocarnage7d ago

You havnt a clue whatsoever. How can you tell it feels unresponsive when you can't even see anyone with a controller while this video is playing for a start, and of course there's fall damage if you fall high enough, the drop wasn't that high he jumped down from.

Way to make assumptions up before game is even out or tried it at all.

Game will be amazing like any other MH game out there, but you wouldn't know about that to make those comments you have done..

michellelynn09767d ago

I played the demo. Good job not getting it.

rezzah7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

This isn't a game where you button mash or expect the game to go through the majority of motions with limited button input from yourself. With this game everything from your character placement to the timing of button input matters.

You must adapt to the controls of this series, not expect it to adapt to your preferred playstyle.

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michellelynn09768d ago

Too bad the combat is clunky. Early reviews are not great, good but not great.

PFFT8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I dont know about that. Thus far its doing better than past handheld titles. And the games controls are on point well at least better than they were on the 3ds by far. My only gripe is no G-rank.

michellelynn09768d ago

Um no. The controls are far worse. The 3ds titles were not perfect, but the hit direction on this title is horroble.

PFFT8d ago

Personally i dont have a problem at all with the controls. To me they seem to be on point.

zerocarnage7d ago

There is G rank being added by capcom from what they said there would be a dlc very early on, in release day.

Eiyuuou7d ago

I’m afraid the problem lies with you.

michellelynn09767d ago

Na. It lies in the poor hit direcrion and clunky controls.

zerocarnage7d ago

No one takes you seriously because you talk crap, big time.

Certainly we all know how the game is because we're fans of the series and certainly know that capy will do a fine job, so just give up trying to create negativity out of nothing. Your a prime example that your ammo won't load into your gun properly..

michellelynn09767d ago

I am sure you are. And if no one takes me serous. Why comment?

rezzah7d ago

Combat feel is no different than what it use to be, what players assume to be clunky is purposeful game design.

Reviews were never "great" or even "good" for the series, this includes the views in the gaming magazine during the 2000's.

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PFFT8d ago

The game is looking MIGHTY fine! Cant wait!

Lovable8d ago

Shit! so excited. Bring it on. My body and mind is ready!

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