Dark Souls Remastered On The Nintendo Switch Is How My Life Will End

Josh from The Total Bro says, "Dark Souls Remastered on the Nintendo Switch will be the end of me. No, I don’t think I’m being overly dramatic by saying this. You don’t understand how much Dark Souls and the Nintendo Switch have consumed my life at completely separate times. Now they’re combining them into a Frankenstein’s monster of my impending doom!"

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ziggurcat44d ago

oh damn, does that mean a remastered is coming to other systems, too?

Majin-vegeta44d ago

Alrea y announced it was and PS4 has an.exlcusive that comes.eith all 3 games

ziggurcat44d ago

I saw that after seeing this article (I hadn't looked at the other articles yet when I saw this). Now all they need to do is remaster Demon's Souls, and I will be a very happy person.

jbeard44d ago

Yep! To Xbox, PS4, & PC as well.

zackeroniii44d ago

can everyone downvote my comment for absolutely no reason at all.

thank you.

Jinger44d ago

That's great and all, but I have played Dark Souls so much that I just can't do another run...

Now if they remastered Demon Souls... I'd be all over that. It's been a while since I have played it.

ibrake4naps44d ago

Dark souls on a handheld?! That's impressive!

DwightSchrute0144d ago

It's also coming to the switch. I didn't know it was coming to handhelds aswell.
Love my 3DS but I'll probably get it on the switch, prefer to play it on my big screen TV.

deafdani44d ago

Dude, the Switch is a handheld by definition. Don't play silly.

I mean, I absolutely love my Switch, and I love playing it on the big TV and everything, but it's portable, you can hold it on your hand, you can conveniently take it with you anywhere you want... it's a handheld with awesome connectivity to TV.

EddieNX 44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

The Switch is a handheld. it ticks all the criteria boxes for being a handheld but it also connects to the the TV.

I agree with deafdani

the 3ds and even Vita are no way near powerful enough to run Dark souls

UKRsoldja44d ago

EddieNX - well, neither is the Switch, really. Unless you don't mind 480p/20fps, I guess..

Imalwaysright44d ago (Edited 44d ago )


I never owned any handheld, I never go out with my switch and I use it as any other home console that I've owned since the Megadrive. You call it handheld, I call it home console and some will say that it is both.

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wonderfulmonkeyman44d ago

"Dark souls on a hybrid that I can play at home OR on the go?! That's impressive!"


Elda44d ago

If so that's sad. Smh.

Lexreborn244d ago

I’m curious on the performance in handheld mode. If it’s 1080p 30 docked plus they plan on having 6 player co-op. How much of a hit will this take portably? Lag in PVP has been a bitch for DS games, but these dudes would be playing in lower resolution higher grade assets and wireless.

If they pull off a smooth portable version that would be a tech showcase I’m looking forward to.

UKRsoldja44d ago

1080p on the switch? That's cute..

meganick44d ago

It's more than cute. It's what was actually confirmed by Bandai Namco. It'll be 1080p.

LgbtWarrior44d ago

I would have settled for 900p with 60fps on switch.

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