First Mario Tennis Aces screenshots

Nintendo released the first set of screenshots from Mario Tennis Aces.

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dripdrop3065d ago

Reminds me of the older Mario tennis games like power tennis. Can't wait to hear more about it.

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3-4-565d ago

glad they included a story mode as well. Haven't been interested in a Mario Tennis game in 10+ years...this one looks at least decent enough to buy eventually.

FlyingFoxy64d ago

Yeah i like the look of this myself, i think it's the story mode that does it for me, that and it seems you need some skill to play it.

Now i hope Nintendo can do a proper Mario Party with none of that car/carriage nonsense and add online play.

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RosweeSon65d ago

Looks much better than the half a game Wii u got

Jinger65d ago

Ugh that picture viewer is horrendous and they didn't edit the picture names. Anyway, Looks good, I'd also like to see Super Mario Strikers come back as well.

Einhander197165d ago

Stunning another purchase awaits, Nintendo on fire already!!!

FallenAngel198465d ago

Mario Tennis has been redeemed

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