Dark Souls Trilogy is exclusive to PS4 - And it's a beast

Trilogy announced alongside Dark Souls Remastered, though it may be Japan only.

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-Foxtrot192d ago

Hot Damn

This needs to come to other regions

Neonridr192d ago

book ends.. very nice

at least something practical in this collectors edition :P

Quetzll192d ago

I love my Mortal Kombat 9 bookends, and i would love to have these as well. But $445 is what some would call NOPE

UltraNova192d ago

So jealous right now... Common make it happen Sony/NB!

naruga192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

the pack is really good but the price is untouchable ...

darthv72192d ago

Looks like a pretty cool collection. A bit out of my price range though but whoever does get it... enjoy.

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SuperSonic91192d ago

You betcha. Dark Souls is a huge underground cult in Canada.

Sayai jin192d ago

Yes it should! Definitely at a lower almost 400-500 USD.

RosweeSon192d ago

Not if it’s ps4, region free and all that ;)

191d ago
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corroios192d ago

DAMN, this will be huge. This must come for all gaming world and not just Japan.

geyixubi192d ago

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PoopsMcGee192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

You could have at least tried to bring it on topic. Here, I fixed it for you:

"This collectors edition is way cool but VERY expensive!!!

But guess what??? I can now afford it since I quit working at Shoprite(wtf?) and now I spam message boards! Here's what I do ============D--- "

Anyway, I agree. Bring it Stateside people!

rainslacker192d ago

Bet the trilogy comes over, but this special edition likely won't. Japan gets some really crazy nice CE's. US and EU can be hit or miss depending on the publisher.

ocelot07192d ago

I don't care if it's in Japanese am buying this. Now that Dark Souls is out of the way how about a Demon's Souls Remaster as well?

galmi191d ago

This is what I have been hoping/praying for