Dark Souls Remastered Confirmed For Nintendo Switch, Also Coming To PS4, PC And Xbox One

Dark Souls Remastered was rumored earlier today for the PS4 and today it was confirmed in a Nintendo Direct Mini.

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xizo336d ago

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Mr Marvel335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

I bet you are you dirty wh*re.

wonderfulmonkeyman336d ago

Oh, neat! So the remaster IS happening for other systems too!
That's great news! It'd be even more stellar if cross play was enabled.
After all, he new addition for the remaster is the ability play 6 player concurrent multiplayer. It'd be a shame if players across PC and Switch, at the very least, couldn't do that.
Might be a thing for XB1.
Can't see Sony playing nice, though.

Goldby336d ago

yes sony has more cross play games than xbox,
last i checked xbox has about 30 games where sony is over 70..

who really isnt playing nice?

The_Jackel336d ago

But but but spencer said sony isnt playing nice haha
Monkey man must have his spencer glasses on.

Atanasrikard336d ago

@Goldby and Jackel

Do xbox and sony have crossplay with one another? No? That is what Spencer is referring to. but thanks for playing "Who's a Fanboy"

Goldby336d ago

But cross play doesn't mean it has to be with Xbox.

The fact is that sony has more crossplay games overall. Doesn't matter if its on one platform or another.

Heck ps4 has more crossplay with PC than xbox does which is using a modified version of windows 10. And they can't even get cross play on some windows 10 versions of their games

SuperSonic91336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

And I thought PC gamers are the worst port beggars and along came the even more worse kidtendos.

wonderfulmonkeyman336d ago

I don't own any consoles in the XBox line, so I don't have a pair of spencer glasses to match them either.
@ Goldby
Last I checked, Sony only played nice with PC, while disdaining to play much at all with other consoles.
Even when devs ask them, like the guys behind Rocket League.

But yeah, suuuuure, let's chalk it up to fanboyism and let the Microsoft hate posts flow, because that's so much more mature./S

Goldby336d ago


dragon quest X is crossplay with switch and wii u

ChickeyCantor335d ago

>But cross play doesn't mean it has to be with Xbox.

That isn't the point. Spencer was talking about cross play between consoles. And yet people seem to think this ins't a factor.

Goldby335d ago

Because it really only matters to the Xbox players

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ocelot07336d ago

PC and PS4 might be able to cross play. XB1 and PC might be able to cross play. The switch on the other hand might be an issue. Due to it only being 30FPS.

Mr Marvel335d ago

The first thing I do in every Souls game is go offline. Souls games are solo experiences for me... invaders can f* k off.

Silly gameAr336d ago

Gotta throw in that little dig at Sony huh? Don't be that petty guy.

wonderfulmonkeyman336d ago

Who's being petty?
Heck, I hope Sony proves me wrong!
So far the only one Sony's been willing to go all-in with on the topic of cross play, is PC.
They've been steering clear of cross play with other consoles for the most part, even when devs, like the guys behind Rocket League, asked them explicitly to allow it.

@ Super
You are in NO POSITION to pin that tag on me after all of the hate posts you spew around, son.
Sit back down. NOW.

Mr Marvel335d ago

With over 70,000,000 PS4s in the wild, Playstation gamers aren’t really missing cross play.
I guess for a system that’s sold barely half that number it could be an issue though.

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masterfox336d ago

Haha funny is called remaster on Switch too, more like releasing just the game on that system with low visual settings, the real Remaster is happening on the PS4 or xbone.

Neonridr336d ago

man.. why are you always so upset when Switch gets a good game?

Dark Souls was a PS3 game with a resolution of 1024x720 (720p).

The Switch version while docked is already 1080p alongside the PS4 and XB1 versions. Only difference that we know of is framerate is halved.

So why isn't it a remaster?

vergilxx3336d ago

the difference is in ps4 pc xbox version being build around ds3 engine switch port is done by a different studio

Neonridr336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

@vergilxx3 - thanks for sharing. Let's hope the Switch version isn't that much different in the end. Also it's not the entire DS3 engine, only the lighting and sfx.

ChickeyCantor335d ago (Edited 335d ago )


Which isn't part of DS3 engine, that's middleware.


kevnb336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

is there some minimum standard of what a "remaster" is? So far it seems like they are all just straight ports with maybe higher render resolution or some minor tweaks.

vergilxx3336d ago

It's more of a marketing trick , they can do a straight port and still call it a remaster because it's coming to different platform

Neonridr335d ago

isn't a remaster an original game redone with higher resolution, better textures, etc.

kevnb335d ago

@Neonridr I dont know, Sony just started using the term to market their ports of old games. Most of these games are simply just rendered at higher resolution with no other change.

PhantomTommy336d ago

The real remaster is happening on consoles and not the PC? Didn't know that. See, I don't know why I'd buy the Dark Souls remaster on PS4 as opposed to my PC -- but I can think of one very significant advantage that Switch has over all other versions.

Vanfernal336d ago

That all depends on your preferred community. My friends and I have always played Soulsborne games on the PS so that's where we tend to go with every new release. It's all a matter of priorities

marloc_x335d ago

Dark Souls on Switch has a couple features..

..that the HD Twins will never achieve.

kiddy335d ago

can you take your xbox or ps4 out to play dont think so

masterfox335d ago

Yes with the Vita, smartphone or laptop. ;)

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