Xbox New Experience To Boost Sales Before Christmas?

Microsoft's gaming console, the Xbox 360, is up for updates. The gamins star "made" an appearance at the Tokyo Game Show. Microsoft officials delivered a keynote speech, in which they announced that the software of the console would undergo a series of cardinal changes. The modifications would enhance the gaming experience, the realistic touch and will enable users to navigate more easily through the console's features. To denote the new characteristics, the new Xbox 360 environment was named New Xbox Experience.

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sonarus3387d ago

Thats as silly as saying home is a system seller :D


They couldn't even get EA to sign on board...and they wont money from everything

sackboy says hi3387d ago

sackboys says it might happen but since the ps3 has a better fall line up i think people shall be looking at the best exlusive game that is around not some new experience...

sackboy says bye :)

NegativeCreep4273387d ago

Typical anti-PS3 article title of the day: Home Very Unlikely To Affect PS3 Holiday Sales Numbers?

Typical 360 a$$-Kissing article title of the day: Xbox New Experience To Boost Sales Before Christmas?

I just love how these articles just "naturally" tend to be more voracious when it comes to anything related to the 360.

Alvadr3386d ago

I agree, people will buy a console based on the games available. NOT the interface that it has.

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Fox013387d ago

geez this guy just goes around spamming shyt and agreeing with himself.

CIO Caveman Trolls3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

This is deeply offensive. I would have posted this criticism ten minutes ago, but I was too busy laughing my ass off.


eric1003387d ago

How does ripping mii like avatars increase sales???

even OXM gave Fable 2 less score than Fallout 3 and xbots were calling it GOTY lol

so fable 2 9.5 from Xbox websites

and 7/8 from independent websites

Gears 2 will be the next flop

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juuken3387d ago

Sure it will.
Forgive me for not being *impressed*.

Snukadaman_3386d ago

Stop being so fake....on topic...Like sonarus says..this is as absurd as thinking home will be a system seller. Only games sell consoles...not extra functions on consoles...see ps3.

PimpHandStrong3387d ago

look at that website name

never heard of them so i wont be giving them a hit

this is retarded

no offense PP

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