New Prince of Persia game teased by original creator

Original Prince of Persia creator teases new game in the franchise.

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Relientk77157d ago

Would like to see Prince of Persia return. It's been awhile.

UltraNova157d ago

If its going to be an AC clone (lets face it could) then they should let this IP rest where it belongs, in the ancient sands of time.

156d ago
Fist4achin156d ago

Yes, looking forward to more prince of Persia. Great games, some better than others, but fun experiences overall

-Foxtrot156d ago

I would but I kind of want a conclusion to the rebooted Prince of Persia game in 08

Even if they have to make a short animated film. You can't rebooted it again and leave it unfinished.

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BioShockGX157d ago

Did the creator finally found de wae?

dolfa156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

Honestly, the best Prince of Persia for me was Warrior Within,

Araragifeels 156d ago

Agree. The third was one step forward, two step back and felt to much like the first game. Hopefully if they make a new one, they should do it more like warrior within.

blackblades156d ago

You just reminded me, I have the prince of persia collection on ps3 that I have to play.

OB1Biker155d ago

I was disappointed with the ps3 games feeling too repetitive.

LgbtWarrior156d ago

Eeww really? With that awful soundtrack? Damn.

UnHoly_One156d ago

I've never heard anyone say that before.

I thought Warrior Within was the clear outlier as the worst of the Sands of Time trilogy.

It was "ok", but by comparison to the first and third games it was awful.

oof46156d ago

The first one was always my favorite.

OB1Biker155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

The original one, (1990) yes ;)
For its time its was amazing

OB1Biker155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

I love it really. Unfortunately I had one of these glitched disc and couldnt finish the game.
I was stuck in a portal near the ending in the game if I remember

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fluxmulder156d ago

I'm still waiting on a sequel for POP 2008.

blackblades156d ago

Ikr, I wanna know what happen.

-Foxtrot156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

The Ending and DLC were both cliff hangers...I mean if it doesn't it'll be pretty annoying.

Elika was a great character

shuvam09156d ago

Please don't be PoP: Wildlands...
POP, BG&E, Rayman and SC is what remains of Ubi for me...

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