Code Vein is anime Bloodborne with added buddy bonding - Eurogamer

Eurogamer: A third-person action-RPG with XP loss on death, bonfire mechanics and a taste for the grotesque, Code Vein has been billed as Bandai Namco's in-house alternative to the Souls series, trading Bloodborne's fetid strain of European Gothic for a world of anime vampires. Witness the marketing tagline, "prepare to dine". So it's a slight shock to find that the new game breaks from one of From Software's unwritten core principles straight out the gate.

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InTheZoneAC341d ago

Hope this lives up to the hype, anything but great will be a disappointment

UltraNova340d ago

Its anime Bloodborne, how wrong could it go?

rezzah340d ago

From what I've seen the combat seemed off, or maybe it was the theme/atmosphere which bothered me. Regardless I hope the bosses are fun because that is what will make this game shine.