New Final Fantasy VII Remake Content Will Be Revealed at 30th Anniversary Exhibition

A Final Fantasy 30th anniversary exhibition to be hosted in Tokyo will feature content related to the Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy XV's ending.

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GBG_Jason190d ago

That's exciting news. Maybe the 2021 release date for episode one...

Neonridr189d ago

now now, let's not start dreaming here. We all know 2023 is when it is happening.

Pancit_Canton189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Nah. 2027 is more like the released date target for it's 30th Anniversary.

UltraNova189d ago

Ps5 Pro launch title, called it!

Sam Fisher189d ago

Nah, gets delayed bc ps5 is not capable of its awesome engine. Ps6 pro. Shh, You heard it from no one, remember that.

189d ago
Relientk77190d ago

Please be excited

- Square Enix

corroios189d ago

This game will be on the launch of the PS5....

PhantomS42189d ago

Wouldn't be mad if this was a launch title for PS5.

Gardenia189d ago

FFVIII remastered for the PS4 maybe as well?

Gardenia189d ago

FFIX is already remastered for the PS4. I didn't say remake

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The story is too old to be commented.