Should Capcom Revive The Dino Crisis Franchise?

Recent discussions online have ignited an interest for Capcom's long forgotten series, Dino Crisis. After 14 years since the release of the last Dino Crisis game, should Capcom bring it back?

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Apocalypse Shadow215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

Of course. Either a full on game at the level of Horizon Zero Dawn but with Dinosaurs and modern weapon tech.

Or a more condensed game at the level of Resident Evil 7 and playable in or out of VR.

Both are acceptable. But I'll admit, staring at a T-Rex in the face in VR, does seem more tempting to me.

PapaBop214d ago

At this point, they'd be better off rebooting/remaking the original. First person Dino Crisis with VR support though would be epic, with the rising popularity of Jurassic World franchise, now would definitely be the right time to revive Dino Crisis.

TheOttomatic91215d ago

Of course make it in the vain of RE7 but with dinosaurs

NapalmSanctuary214d ago

Would be better to do a remake of the original in the vein of REmake.

BlackIceJoe214d ago

With how popular dinosaurs are I'm surprised that Capcom hasn't made a sequel yet.