StarCraft II Triple Campaign: Is Blizzard On Crack?

GameXtract writes "Recently at BlizzCon, Blizzard dropped a bomb that Starcraft II would come in three separate parts. As already reported they claim that the campaign is so large that the game is split into three different standalone bundles. The first will be Terran, then Zerg, and finish off with Protoss. The response from commenters? Their not too excited, and neither are we. Many commenters are in frustration rather than the happy go lucky feelings Blizzard were hoping for."

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Cheeseknight283542d ago

I don't think Blizzard really cares if people hate the idea, the game will sell millions no matter what.

Endorphin3542d ago

Look at my avatar and tell me that I wouldn't be willing to pay 180$ for this game. Starcraft is best and this only means that they have more to offer me (They better!) the price isn't the problem for this title, the problem will be the content, will it be justified.

Panthers3542d ago

I love the idea. Just means more story

Roukuko3542d ago

o you love paying 180 dollars to play a game glad some of us are rich

Enterprise-E3542d ago

You must tell us how you came up with $180 for game that has yet to announce a release date let alone a priceing structure. And if you answer those correctly tell me what next weeks lotto numbers will while you are there.

Cheeseknight283542d ago

Let's start with the fact that no PC game, other than Collector's Editions, has started at $60. Bioshock wasn't, Call of Duty 4 isn't gonna be, and neither is Fallout 3. So now it's $150.

Second of all, Blizzard never charges the max amount for expansions. Now both of them are $40.

$130 spread over the course of at minimum 2 years isn't that much to ask for.

Roukuko3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

Seeing how the game is going to be 49.99$ before tax, and each game single player campaign has to unlock multiplayer stuff for the race you have to buy the game 3 times. So yes its around 160$ now go suck blizzard off more idiot.

Also these are not x-packs they are stand alone games.

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Enterprise-E3542d ago

The only thing we know for so far is that the game will be spread across 3 disks compared to regular RTS games tend to have only 25 missions total which would add up to about 5 missions per campagin which ends up cramming the story leaving the player like WTF.

Or give the player 25 to 30 missions which is alot for just one faction ( also if you played any RTS lately the Single Player is probably the most important thing and most of time or two short like Tiberium Wars or Kanes Wraith).

Also consider that we don't know the release date. We don't know how much the game will cost now ( most likely 50 bucks first then about 20 dollars for the rest. Which by the way will require the first game to play.) Second who the hell pays 60 bucks or more for a PC game unless you are buying the special edition?

I guess what I am saying is you don't know much of anything to even determine if it will fail or succede. So do something constructive for change like WAIT FOR MORE INFORMATION!!!!

lsujester3542d ago

I agree with what you're saying in that we should wait, but this could easily turn ugly. These single player parts need to be pretty long and more than a retread with a different faction to justify paying Blizzard's expansion pack prices (see the WoW packs going for 40? These likely will too.).

I personally like the idea of people raising a stink if it gets Blizzard to actually give us the information you contend we wait for.

And is it just me, or does it seem the Activision mentality is running the newly merged companies?

cyclindk3542d ago

I was thinking the same thing, make each one add up to the full price, then they would sell like infinitely way would they get new customers if the price would be 180 in the end for everything.

Capulous3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

I hope that is the price as well. However, since they are all the same size single player campaigns; I can see the price being $50, with $30-$40 for each of the following campaigns. Even if they were all $50+, I'm sure it will sell like crazy.

lento3542d ago

well if they're making it into three separate games that we'll have to buy.. then please keep the online free

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