Can Bungie Save Destiny 2 From Itself?

As unhappiness with the game seems to shadow every announcement made about it, Bungie needs to bring deeper, more rewarding, systems to Destiny 2, if they hope to save the game from itself.

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Snookies12309d ago

I was really into Destiny 2 when it first came out. Now, it's already been traded in. And that is something I don't do with games anymore. Too little, too late for them.

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UltraNova308d ago

There is, or rather was, a way to redeem themselves and thats releaseing all future expansion packs for free and leave only cosmetic stuff for sale. Bit with all the various editions and expansion packs they've basically backed themselves into a corner. It seems they'll be staying in that corner until D3.

FallenAngel1984309d ago

Can Bungie reclaim their prior prestige

rdgneoz3308d ago

Not likely with their current contracts, as they sold their souls to the dlc / micro-transaction gods... If they only took what Destiny 1 ended with and expanded upon it, people would be happy. Instead, they gutted it and cared more about the money than a quality product.

FallenAngel1984308d ago

At this point “from the creators of Destiny” wont carry as much weight as “from the creators of Halo” did whenever Bungie moves on to work on a new IP in the next decade.

jhpadilla308d ago

Bungie's gonna need a miracle.

PhantomS42308d ago

I'm sure they will come out with some sort of massive expansion, possibly next year, that will bring people back like The Taken King was to Destiny 1. Really enjoyed Destiny 2, got into it far more than I did the first game but I like to jump from game to game and not just time sink all my time into one.

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The story is too old to be commented.