Dead Space Review (U360)

Isaac Clarke takes on the Necromorphs in EA's latest title, Dead Space. Check out my impressions complete with an audio recap review!

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the bubble repo guy3450d ago

you're bubbles are forfeit. you can get them back when you stop being overly biased, and gain respect for all systems (except possibly the wii). however, that won't happen, so again, you're bubbles are forfeit.

Says you3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

For the CrapBox 360 considering there no different even when you put RGB for PS3 it will look better or the same for both and so this one gets 9.3 so whats so special about this one considering this one is on PS3 its pretty obvious the PS3 version should get the same score as this one

oh I get it this is an XBox 360 site not an official one so they have to go all bias on this game Americans always think they have the best products when they really don't considering they buy it off from Asian countries from my Asian people

the bubble repo guy3450d ago

your bubbles are forfeit. you can get them back when you grow a brain, drop your own personal bias, and stop acting like you know what an entire nation thinks.

blooodFrenzy923450d ago

who cares what platform u get it on. stop saying how its best on ps3 cuz u sound like a moron

the bubble repo guy3450d ago

bubbles up to you, friend. it's good to see an unbiased attitude. you, sir(or ma'am, i would not claim to know), are a true gamer. game on.

sonarus3450d ago

Sweet. Was thinking i would get this game for the 360 since my PS3 was getting fixed. But sent my PS3 in to sony on tuesday they got it on friday sent it back to me on friday so i get my PS3 back on the 15th just in time for deadspace...

All hail lord sony and their excellent customer service

thereapersson3450d ago

You will get the Blue suit with the PS3 version of the game

GiantEnemyCrab3450d ago

unscripted360 is a great site!! Nice review.

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The story is too old to be commented.