Little Red Lie (PS4/PSVita) - Review | SquareXO

Rob Pitt writes: We rarely get games on the PS4 or Vita which try and portray serious, realistic topics. We may get the odd game here or there which has a ‘life lesson’ in it which tries to deliver a topic with a lesson thrown in. However, they are usually presented in a way that has you actively looking in order to find it due to developers ‘playing it safe’ and not wanting to get into too much detail with real-life events and situations. In comes Will O’Neill, based on his previous game, Actual Sunlight, he isn’t one of those developers. He is very open about certain subjects and is willing to portray situations like depression, rape and addiction through his games. The tagline for this game is “a contemporary adventure game about debt, family, and the truth about honesty” – Let’s find out if that statement is entirely correct or if it is a little red lie about exactly what we are about to experience…

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