High Voltage Announce New WiiWare Title

High Voltage, the team behind the upcoming 'The Conduit', have announced 'High Voltage Hot Rod Show' for WiiWare.

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condorstrike3390d ago

And they were able to cram that in 40megs, that Quantum3 engine is amazing, definitely a must, good job with this one, because Gyrostar was a bit disappointing.

chanmasta3390d ago

... definately! This does look pretty good, i'm dying for a new Wii racer.

I just want anything better than SPOGS, and no I didn't buy it, I read the reviews (Thank God!). lol!

TheColbertinator3390d ago

Good to see High Voltage has other planned games

Captain_Sony3390d ago

They've released 2 already and still have a cool one left to release. ANimales de los muerto or something to that effect. You run throw a zoo killing undead animals trying to save the ones that are left. Looks like it could be really good.