Xbox One X Will Have More Games If Microsoft Allows Exclusives For It – Frozenbyte Dev

The thing with the Xbox One X, and with the PS4 Pro as well, is that exclusives are not allowed. Basically, any game that hits the Xbox One X must also run on a base Xbox One and on an Xbox One S- at most you can make it run better, but you can't have an Xbox One X only game.

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FallenAngel1984314d ago

It’d be stupid to make exclusives for an iterative console

porkChop314d ago

When next gen comes around, MS would be smart to allow exclusives that the regular XBO can't play. This way the X would likely be able to play next gen games in 1080p, where the next Xbox would do full 4K. The X has the power to do a lot more if they unchain it from the XBO.

DJStotty313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

All games on future consoles will be backwards/forwards compatible with all the xbox one family.

This is what Phil is gearing towards and can be easily done by developing primarily for the new console and then turning down assets etc for the old. Kind of what we are seeing now with these "enhanced" patches for games on the X and PS4 Pro, they will just do it the other way around.

That way the new console isnt held back and the old console gamers still get to enjoy the game albeit not at the same graphical fidelity

bouzebbal313d ago

"Xbox One X Will Have More Games If Microsoft Allows Exclusives For It – Frozenbyte Dev"
lol can a console have "less" games if it gets "more" exclusives?
seriously, x getting exclusives would destroy the brand even more.. that ain't happening (i hope).

yomfweeee313d ago

@DJ It isn't as simple as turning down assets for old machines. Eventually a machine won't be strong enough to run newer games.

fiveby9313d ago

I think consoles will be backward compatible in the future but not necessarily games. So when the next gen rolls around, I expect previously launched games will be supported on the new platform. But surely not all new games will be supported on the previous platform due to technical limitations. Of course with the current mid-gen refresh that would not go over too well.

DarkZane313d ago


That's not gonna work. It's gonna bite Microsoft in the ass because devs will quickly stop supporting the Xbox family altogether because they will be tired to be held back by a weak last gen machine.

chuckyj1312d ago

I could see ms supporting 2 gens at a time... like X1 and X1X... then X1X and Next Gen Xbox... with 100% back Compatibility with older Xboxes...

DJStotty312d ago


If they support it using the previous gen machine i.e. what chucky says above, then hardware limitations arent an issue.Picture what we have now. An "enhanced" game running 4k/60fps/1080p with extra assets etc on the X will be the standard going forward. The game is still playable on the base X, albeit with lower fidelity. Each time a new machine is released it will play ALL previous games. So your library goes with you. There will be a point whereas the old machines can no longer play new games at minimal levels but by that point that console will no longer be getting manufactured or supported.


You need to re-read what i said, The games will be developed with the new console as the main target and then the console the game is played on will automatically know the quality to play the game at. I.e. why you dont automatically get the 4K updates etc on the base X

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FallenAngel1984314d ago

The XOX isn’t going to play 9th gen games unless they’re cross-gen multiplats

porkChop313d ago

That's what I'm saying though. But those cross-gen games won't be possible if the X is still hitched to the XBO.

FallenAngel1984313d ago

It’d be even dumber to make any XO game not possible to run on base XO models

TheCommentator313d ago

I see your point, Fallen Angel, considering the One X is still listed as an XBOX One it is still 8th gen. It's natural to assume that all 8th gen production would stop at the same time because that's how it traditionally goes.

With regard to Pork Chop, there does seem to a lot of different hardware architecture in the One X, so MS may have purpose-built the One X with an ability to scale to future consoles. There's tons of ways to speculate on why releasing a new console every 3 years would be a benefit, and there are ways it might might not be so good either.

Really though, I see both of your points and they are both equally valid arguments to make. It'll be a few years until anything but speculation can even be argued anyways.

rainslacker313d ago

Come next gen, I have a feeling that it'll be up to the publisher if it'll run on this gen. It'll help remove the need to make a separate release for cross gen port purposes, so more chance that it'll sell more copies, and require less on the back end.

TheCommentator312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

Rainslacker, the One X could become a 1080P budget console for the 4K versions playable on the X's successor. They would no longer support Xbox One at that point, just scale between One X and the new console instead.

Making a game work for both One X and its' successor would actually make for less work and greater profits because then devs only have to make one version that scales between the two newest platforms. Compared to making a game only for a brand new console with a small install base, it would allow more accessibility to the new consoles' software because the One X's established users could buy and play the new games at a lower resolution as well.

This idea resembles the PC market in certain aspects and it doesn't seem far fetched to hypothesize that a console manufacturer would explore it. Like I said, there's a lot of benefits to be had.

rainslacker312d ago (Edited 312d ago )


That's assuming that MS continues on with the FC. That may not go over so well with publishers or devs if they want to not be held back by older hardware. It may not be an issue early in the gen, but the longer the gen goes on, the harder it's going to be to maintain the gap if the projected 10-12TB is the new norm. If the CPU's are substantially better for next gen, it means that it'll make it even more difficult.

So, I'd imagine that it won't be mandated for next gen. But it'll likely be allowed, thus my comment.

As of right now, the future of generations is up in the air, but I feel there will still be at least some level of generational distinction. Console makers shouldn't be expected to maintain legacy hardware indefinitely, and IMO, a new generation should be just that. No holding back. But of course, options to maintain legacy support would be welcome.

As far as costs go, it really depends on if MS changes the architecture or not. The idea that all you have to do is scale is really misunderstood. Even on PC, there is more work than just playing with a few sliders. However, I'd imagine that going forward, that MS, and likely Sony, will try to maintain some level of similarity between each console to make things easier. Again on this front though, sliders only really affect graphics, and there are things going on in development now that go well beyond that. I can say that the CPU's in all the consoles right now really aren't going to keep up there, so requiring FC is basically gimping future game design. Unfortunately, you can't really scale those things too well, because it causes a fundamental change to an actual game's design.

But, at the same time, iterative consoles, which is basically what you're speaking of, except across generational divides is still an unproven paradigm. It seems to be going well, but it's actual future is unknown. I wouldn't really take the word of either Sony or MS about what the future holds in this regard, because there is too much data that hasn't been accumulated yet by them for them to really lay out concrete future plans.

I don't think it's far fetched to think a console maker would explore it, I just think they didn't really start this gen out with that in mind, and I don't see the mid-gens with that in mind either. There is a lot more that needs to be fleshed out before that becomes a real possibility with mandated legacy support.

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Godmars290313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

Just like it was kind of stupid to not only build a system around an unproven accessory, but try to make it dependent on an always online infrastructure? Not that that still isn't a thing that's still happening just not as quick.

MS have been on the wrong track since insisting that exclusives don't matter. Never really placed any importance on consoles as a platform except as transition to PC.

shaggy2303313d ago (Edited 313d ago )


Exclusives are important to a console, but nowhere near as important as you think. Just look at the top t most downloaded PS4 games of last year, spot anything strange? there is only ONE exclusive.
Call of Duty: WWII
2 Destiny 2
3 Friday the 13th: The Game
4 Horizon Zero Dawn
5 Grand Theft Auto V
6 NBA 2K18
7 Rocket League
8 Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition
9 Madden NFL 18
10 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

At the end of the day, it looks like PlayStation owners care about multiplatform games just as much as every other console owner.

Razzer313d ago (Edited 313d ago )


That list just says more people bought physical rather than digital. No way Friday the 13th, Minecraft, and Rocket League were in the top ten game sales for PS4 this year. Just no way.

Brian7655492313d ago

What does past mistakes by Microsoft have to do with a third party developer complimenting on how powerful the Xbox One X is? Sounds like someone has a grudge and can't let go. This is what they said,

“I think there’s definitely developers out there who’d like to bring their game to consoles, but the only thing powerful enough apart from PC would be the Xbox One X,”

If anything this developer is giving credit to Microsoft for making a powerful system while snubbing the PS4 Pro.

morganfell313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

If it isn't exclusives, and sales of the XoneX prove it isn't power, I want to hear the reason why Microsoft isn't just being outsold by Sony and now Nintendo but are instead being pounded this generation. Nothing they are doing is having an effect.

They are just getting run slap over. Certain persons can call it something else to make themselves feel better. And I am not trying to troll but sales wise a two to one margin is not close to what the second place, soon to be third place company desires. In the month their new console premiered, "the beast", and with Black Friday to assist, Sony took Microsoft to task. People can try to be more tactful about it but let's be honest. Sony is teaching MS a lesson on consoles. So what is the reason if it isn't exclusives?

Also any sales list of games fails to account for the influence provided by fans knowing a certain console offers games no other console can play. It isn't necessarily that people purchase those particular titles but rather they know they are buying a console that provides exclusives material. No list takes that impact into account.

343_Guilty_Spark313d ago


You don’t want the truth.

But the truth is early failures permanently shot the Xbox from achieving all that it could this gen.

Godmars290313d ago (Edited 313d ago )



"What does past mistakes by Microsoft have to do with a third party developer complimenting on how powerful the Xbox One X is?"

What weighs more, a kilogram of steel or a kilogram of feathers?

"Sony took Microsoft to task."

You know what? No. Sony might have capitalized on MS's early mistakes with the XB1 but the truth is, at least in the US if not western markets, even if they had done a competent presentation the Xbox would still likely be a dwindling contender this gen. By all counts the 360 was facing a shrinking sales gap against the PS3. The PS3 might even have done better than the 360, only around then console sale numbers stopped being important - for some reason. And now with Nintendo back in the game with Switch the whole of the JP games market seems to be on the rebound.

To be more blunt if not direct: When MS could claim to own the industry exclusives didn't matter and consoles themselves were dying. It was also the best gen for gaming yet everyone was complaining about sales.

Now MS have shot themselves in the foot, if not lobbed off both legs, Nintendo is back Sony's doing exclusives plus less than 4k AAA 3rd party and everything - aside from AAA - comes off as being rather robust and healthy.

From this last bit of ramble please take this away: MS has never changed course, just said they have, and AAA gaming needs to die in fire.

Godmars290313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

(Yes. Maybe my last post wasn't all that coherent, but looking at 343_GS and "The Brain" Brian, look what I have to freakin work with!)

"What weighs more, a kilogram of steel or a kilogram of feathers?"

Or, if a PC dev is talking about porting an already existing IP to console, then isn't that dev talking up how the XBX is the best console for porting PC games to?

morganfell313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

"Sony took Microsoft to task."

"You know what? No."

You know what? Yes they have.

Acting as if everything that has occurred, Sony's success, is built on the mistakes of Microsoft is laughable.

While they capitalized on the initial stumblings of Redmond, they have also consistently and continually done the number one thing necessary to take them to task. Pushed out unique exclusives that were fielded to a broad range of gamers. They invested and backed new tech many predicted would not fly, and particularly not on consoles - VR - and they have expanded and improved upon that initial tech. They did not rest on their laurels. They did something different instead of the same old dude bro shooter approach.

While they have taken every opportunity to avail themselves of what a multiplatform deal could offer, they have never stopped servicing the gamer first and that is taking MS to task.

Godmars290313d ago

No, no they didn't.

While Sony did make fun of MS for the XB1's original online policies at E3, possibly learned or retained the message "its the games, stupid", no one was taken to task.

It is only laughable that Sony took advantage for MS's mistakes, if only because MS has repeatedly made those mistakes. Relied more on software than hardware, targeted a specific segment of the gaming audience while saying and insisting that their brand has general appeal. They have hurt and blinded themselves with their own bias, and Sony has had nothing to do with that.

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Sciurus_vulgaris314d ago

The Xbox One X like the PS4 Pro is an iterative. The Xbox One X will not get exclusive games.

Guyfamily999313d ago

The CPU's in these consoles are only 30 percent improvements over base hardware, I don't see why people think that warrants exclusive titles... There will never be a game that could run on the X but couldn't run on the base system with lower resolution and or settings. GPU power generally doesn't lead to innovation, especially when all of that GPU power is immediately used for higher resolutions and not things like physics.

TheColbertinator314d ago

Would like to see X exclusives personally. Then they will truly fear our unlimited 4K power.

Make it happen,Microsoft.

Goldby314d ago

Unlimited 4k power yet can't achieve 4k on every game...

It would be stupid to make exclusives for it, unless ms is in the market to lose even more users.

But then again,ms did state every game must be forward and backwards compatible so I guess that means any nextbox game has to be able to be played on the one x as well as og one
So eventually ms will have to make the decision, do games run on ever system with some being shells of the proper version or will they make the one x their base console

HyperMouse313d ago

The same that happened with the 360 will happen, slowly they will fade it out, and when they finally do we will see some proper XboxX games that use the full potentials of the system.

UCForce313d ago

If MS do that, it would split the fanbase and cause consumer angry.

Ceaser9857361313d ago

Colbertinator if what you say happens , trust me Xbox one along with their beloved "X" will hit ROCK BOTTOM

doos_vd_kak313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

"Then they will truly fear our unlimited power"

"unlimited" lmao, until 2021 comes and the next gen of consoles arrive and the current mid gen upgrades are forgotten about and over shadowed in terms of power.

Do people remember a gen for who had the most power?

Or do they remember it for who provided the best games?

343_Guilty_Spark313d ago

If a game is made using X assets and downgraded for the S is that any different than just making it on the X?

Developers scale down not up. They

313d ago
MagicBeanz312d ago

Guess we have nothing to fear.

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UCForce313d ago

Nope, that would split the fanbase completely.

PsBoxGamer313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

The hell with it.There selling the Xbox one X to ppl that want the extra power so they should be getting what they paid for. If ppl have an issue with it then they need to upgrade!

UCForce313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

@PsBoxGamer Then you are just blinded. Xbox One X is a mid gen console. Not a next gen console. Do you really think that everyone have enough money to buy Xbox One X ?

rainslacker313d ago

Technically, one exclusive would mean it'd have more exclusives.

However, I doubt you'd see many games become exclusive unless the install base really got up there. Seems rather silly to remove a large part of a potential audience, and I doubt there would be enough money to make right now for a AAA production. It's not like the beginning of a gen where people buy a large number of games to go with their new console.

At best, you might see the occasional PC port through digital distribution, and maybe some indies who don't really care about making money on the larger install base.

Hardiman314d ago

See they went ahead and amped up the power for the X but the fact that it's iterative hardware it's still connected to the Xbox One it can't show off its potential.

If they were to do that it would really piss off already weary customers! Truth be told I could see Microsoft eventually making games just for the X. They'd be the ones to do it.

NotoriousWhiz313d ago

Nintendo released games exclusively for its iterative New Nintendo 3ds.

denawayne313d ago

Why is there disagrees? You stated a fact.

NotoriousWhiz313d ago

@dena, probably because those people feel that Nintendo releasing exclusive games on their iterative system is vastly different from Microsoft releasing exclusive games on their iterative system.

rainslacker312d ago

And it pissed off some 3DS owners.

More importantly, those games didn't sell amazingly well, so it just kind of shows that trying to cater to a smaller base isn't a good way to make money. If MS decided to allow exclusives, it's basically doing what Sega did with things like the 32X. you split the fan base, and it dilutes the brand, and causes people to be weary about future hardware and how it may advance.

IMO, MS already is known to drop hardware or software support when it suits them, which is usually before the consumer is ready. The Xbox brand has been OK for the most part to not fall into that, with the exception of the OGXbox, but that was more because of how NVidia screwed them over.

343_Guilty_Spark313d ago

Dumb. A low grade GPU doesnt hold back a beastly one.

This logic is flat out dumb.

Goldby311d ago

The games must be able yo be played on the one. So no matter how powerful the console is it must still be made for the lowest common denominator aka Xbox one