Need For Speed: Undercover - PC System Requirements

Well many of us are looking out for the new NFS release, and pray and hope it is good as they say. With the release just a week and something away, here are the PC system requirements for 12th installation, NFS: Underground.


Undercover... my error

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bomboclaat_gamer3349d ago

get a ps3 or a 360 then u wont have to worry about specs

Charmers3349d ago

No thanks I want high resolutions and fast framerates, so I will stick with the PC.

lociefer3349d ago

dosent he mean NFS:Undercover ? and on other note , the system requirements arent that demanding , the series just dosent wanna evolve much graphics wise , i hope it dosent become another flop

hotrider123349d ago

so far it seem to look like a flop

-SIXAXIS-3349d ago

My laptop laughs at these specs.

y0haN3349d ago

My desktop laughs at your laptop.

Bloodshedder3349d ago

my psp laughs at your systems

Speed-Racer3349d ago

My Super Nintendo laughs at your PSP

DoctorXpro3349d ago

My desktop laughs at your desktop