Microsoft sues DHL after train dumps 21,600 Xboxes

In a complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington in Seattle, Microsoft said it is seeking more than US$2 million in damages from DHL for two containers of Xbox 360 consoles that sustained "impact damage, wetting, pilfering and shortage" after a derailment near Duke, Texas.

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Internet Trolling Ex3448d ago

The Xboxes were dead before being dropped,so they should be thanking DHL instead

3448d ago
the bubble repo guy3448d ago

both of your bubbles are forfeit.

GiantEnemyLobster3447d ago

Sony is getting so desperate to defeat XBOX®360, that they are attacking anything that ships XBOX®360 so Microsoft can't get the sales. LOL, keep trying sony!!

Pain3447d ago

would seem fair.

and wow already at 2 bubs/ eh ITE? and yet a bot like crap.eerr Crab is still with his...hmm shocking...

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Lucas223448d ago

maybe those were the xbox 360 that had jasper chips. Hopefully not

nbsmatambo3448d ago

shipping is getting really unreliable these days, my friend just told me he saw the delivery guy open his package...

rsebes3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

I thought insurance was suppose to cover things like accidents. When your shipment gets dropped or damaged in transit, they pay to replace the item. Why does it always seem to come to law suits? (I can see if DHL isn't willing to reimburse)

meepmoopmeep3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

the train RRoD'ed


Master Debater3447d ago

Wow that did not make sense at all but still really funny LMAO

Nostradavis3447d ago

via ripten:

I am praying for some ungodly small fine print that reads something like this:

"DHL is not responsible for damages unless all 4 rings on the front of our train light up red upon impact."

[insert "360 hardware is a train wreck" joke here]

Ateanboy3447d ago

Hell, I don't blame them.... Atleast, the DHL guys that work here in central Florida are ALL PS3 fans. I know this because my job requires me to converse with dozens of them face to face on a daily basis.

Overall they're a bunch of cool dudes. Goofy as hell........but they're good guys. And they LOVE PS3.

I wouldn't be surprised if this "accident" truly happened on purpose. Maybe M$ knows that, and maybe that's why they're suing.

But, I really don't blame them, if it was ME, I would've droven the train right of the tracks and drove it straight into its demise.

I would consider myself a hero... Saving hundreds of people from buying a mediocre product and saving them the hassle of inevitably getting RROD.

crystallakekiller3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

if you REALLY want to help people..its really simple for you,just stop talking! or maybe not...some people feels good when they hear retards like you speak,it makes them realize they are lucky to be normal!

TheDude2dot03447d ago

Wow good one crystallakekiller. That showed him.

JBaby3433447d ago

Like they wouldn't have broke anyway. This just saves time.

deeznuts3447d ago

Lol, it's like Final Destination. Even if they avoided death by derailment, the boogie man going to get them later anyway, one by one!

On a serious note. DHL sucks. really bad. They are the worst carrier ever.

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socomnick3448d ago

DHL is a horrible shipper. Anytime I order anything they are always late . UPS and fedex all the way.

Nitrowolf23448d ago

i never even heard of this, i only use UPS well until the guy dropped one of our package out of his truck

Bnet3433448d ago

I prefer UPS. FedEx always leaves their damn doortags.

thereapersson3448d ago

I find that UPS always manages to send packages in boxes that have been crushed or damaged in some manner.

Bubble Buddy3447d ago

You know the Fedex logo has an arrow? AHA. Anyways, I use UPS or Fedex, sometimes Purolator (Canada).

thereapersson3447d ago

Are you people there whenever I receive packages, ready to inspect them for damage? I don't think so!

TrenchaunT3447d ago

I use the Postral Service...since most of the boxes I send are books (media mail ftw)

TheDude2dot03447d ago

UPS is the one that sends the least broken boxes for me. I know the guy that made Fedex, but every time I got a shipment, the box was damaged in some way.

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ICUP3448d ago

Does that count as sold?

thereapersson3448d ago

But they still count them as being "shipped", which companies will also use to trick the consumer into thinking they are doing better than they are.

Xheratuul3448d ago

suspected as taliban bombs.