An Interview With Bioware's Mary Kirby About Upcoming Dragon Age Novella 'Hard In Hightown'

In this HeyPoorPlayer interview, Aimee Hart discusses with Mary Kirby about her upcoming Dragon Age novella, 'Hard in Hightown'.

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Fist4achin100d ago

Please let Isabella and Morigan be in there. Two hottest gaming characters ever!

100d ago
TheColbertinator100d ago

I want that romance trash book Cassandra ranted about

PygmelionHunter100d ago

Easily the best sub-plot in Inquisition lol

InTheZoneAC100d ago

No more EA/Bioware articles please

PygmelionHunter100d ago

Just don't click on them, dummie.

PUBG99d ago

Don't call people names!

derkasan100d ago

I haven't read any of the books, but they seem to expand the lore.

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