Final Fantasy VII Remake's Development Is Going Well According to Yoshinori Kitase

Final Fantasy VII Remake Producer Yoshinori Kitase mentions that development of one of the most anticipated upcoming JRPGs is proceeding smoothly.

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FallenAngel1984136d ago

Why is the game episodic if we’re still not going to get the first entry for a long while

PhantomS42136d ago

I have a feeling when they show it again it will be alongside the announcement that it's going to be a complete game again since they took it from CyberConnect2. It was also probably just barely started when they showed it and what we saw was a target build. Hopefully, we learn something this year at E3.

Pantz136d ago

Hope so too, full game would be best. Hope Sony will bring back the orchestra to E3 this year for a full reveal of it.

Kurisu136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

I would absolutely love to see the FFVII Remake at E3...but it won't happen. KHIII is supposedly out this year so if anything that will be their main focus. Also with all of the current FFXV season pass DLC out they're bound to announce the next lot of content. Remake news probably won't happen until TGS at the earliest.

OmnislashVer36136d ago

They never "took it away" from CyberConnect2. S-E Business Division 1 was always the main team for this game, CyberConnect2 just assisted.

jaymacx136d ago

I love SquareEnix’s ambition, but sometimes it’s an hinderence to the development process. Hopefully we won’t be dissappointed in the final product. Ffxv was good but it seemed lacking somehow.

OmnislashVer36135d ago

How in the hell do I have downvotes? It's a fact of matter, Nomura himself said the in-house team was comprised of Dissidia/012 devs working with the KH Osaka team from the start and that CyberConnect2 was just doing some outsourced work. There's no way the studio that came up with .hack did most of the work for this game.

Sorry to say but not much has changed- this is no indicator the game won't be episodic.

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Haurus136d ago

It has been stated repeatedly that the reason for it being episodic is not about getting the game out faster. It is about maximizing the content in the game. There was a ton of stuff they had wanted to do with the original, but couldn't due to storage/hardware constraints. Now they are adding all of that and a ton of new ideas. Entire areas of the game are going to be opened up, that could never be accessed in the original (all of Midgar for example).

They have said that each of the episodes will be essentially its own full game with a play time equal to FFXIII (60+ hours per episode vs 40 for the entire original game). The first episode will most likely just be Midgar and yet will likely have more content than the entire original game.

-Foxtrot136d ago

You could easily make the original game as it was then do Final Fantasy VII-2 which opens up these inaccessible places they want to add. They can even use plot points from the side games like Crises Core and Dirge of Cerberus

Least then you do the main game as a whole and leave ideas up in the air for a sequel if people want to dip their toe back into the FFVII world.

jrshankill136d ago

This is a very gullible, PR outlook. Prepare yourself for DLC, bonus paid episodes, and lots of it.

Nebaku136d ago

Well, if you believe what they say, each one of these episodic releases is supposed to be roughly the size of the entirety of the original game. Needless to say, something that big would still take a long time to make, regardless of whether or not it's a fraction of the whole game.

Goldby136d ago

And the beauty is that they won't have to spend as much time on certain assets as the character models will be transferred from the 1st one

-Foxtrot136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

They've said it's because they don't have room on the disc for how "big" the story is BUT at the time time they contradict themselves by saying how they are going to expand on the original by adding more content, more lore and more story points.

So it's like "you do have're just stretching it out basically so you CAN do an episode model"

If they just did the original game, exactly how it was, then you probably could fit it all on one disc.

Goldby136d ago

And why not have each disc from the original as big as the original game?

-Foxtrot136d ago

Because considering the story of FFVII, I want to experience the entire story in one go, in a seamless flowing adventure without getting to a certain part then waiting a year before continuing.

I could wait for a full version collection but why should I after their long development times. Just make the original game in one full package then add the extra stuff in as expansions or leave it for a sequel.

FinalFantasyFanatic136d ago

Full game would be best, episodic games barely wet my taste before it ends.

MeteorPanda136d ago

You goddamn fools forget the original game itself was episodic? It was on disc.

They said episodic as in the discs are being released 1 at a time so ppl could play at least something this decade.

Goddamn bandwagon sheep refuse to check on their facts posting dumb sh** like this

CorndogBurglar136d ago

Wow. Not only are you completely wrong, but you're being a dick about it too.

Yes, the original FFVII was on multiple discs. But they all released together, at one time. They didn't release part 1, then wait a certain amount of time to release disc 2.

For the remake they are talking about releasing episodes separately at different times. There's a huge difference.

MeteorPanda136d ago


How. How is it a huge difference. The time between discs wont be as big as the release as the first discs release. You all know they are putting their heart and soul into this remake - they waited so long cause they wanted to make it perfect.

People love open beta and forever unfinished survival crafting titles like Arc but an episodic game? oh hell no. Gamers are such whingy toddlers now in comments.

MADGameR136d ago

No its not episodic. Its going to have a trilogy. Final Fantasy VII Remake, Final Fantasy VII-2 and Final Fantasy VII-3

NotoriousWhiz136d ago

10 bucks says this game gets moved to the PS5.

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raWfodog136d ago

Good, I'm very interested to hear (and see) more about the game.

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forkymental136d ago

Yeah, probably well into the next decade.

Harkins1721136d ago

There was ramblings about Nomura wanting KH3 and FF7R at E3 2018. And honestly that would be great for both games. Updates on both games. One suppose to be coming out this year and the other probably not.

Juras136d ago

//In a response to a question as to how much of the game is complete, Nomura responds “Things are not connected yet, every part is moving along separately. However, we have gotten airships working over the world map.”//
March 2010, FF Versus development. xd

Steveoreno1136d ago

Man.... airships and world map. I want his version of FF15.

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