Pokemon GO Will Soon Be Unplayable on Older iPhones and iPads

Pokemon GO players who own Apple products that can't run iOS 11 will not be able to play the game after an upcoming update.

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PhantomS42339d ago

This game eats batteries on newer phones like crazy, older phones will last .3 seconds.

bixorefab338d ago

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NovusTerminus339d ago

Wait, who is walking around with their iPad catching Pokemon?

aarogree338d ago

I've actually seen a few kids doing that.

Tross338d ago

Noooooo!!!!! What will people do if they can't play that outdated fad game that nobody plays anymore? The world is ending!!!!! Kim Jung Un has won!!!! Nooooo!!!!

Meanwhile, back on Earth:

Meh. Who plays Pokemon Go in 2018?

aarogree338d ago

Enough to catch 3 billion in under a week.

Pokemon GO is as much of an outdated fad as World of Warcraft

Tross338d ago

Really? It's old news around these parts but that's impressive if true.