Top 25 Best RPGs on PS4

Twinfinite's list of the PS4's most epic, must-play RPGs.

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FTLmaster338d ago

Very comprehensive list! The PS4 is home to some real classic RPGs. Also like the fact the list covers some lesser known gems like Darkest Dungeon and Pillars of Eternity.

fenome338d ago

I still need to get Darkest Dungeon

fenome338d ago

That's what I keep hearing, it flew completely under my radar for some reason.

FallenAngel1984338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

PS4 is a haven of RPGs of the eastern and western variety

ASBO-5338d ago

cool list and all but quite a few of those are NOT rpg's. HZD & assassins Creed for example

Goldby338d ago

How are those not rpgs?
Both have a leveling system for the main character. Both has skills that are only aquired through playing the game and leveling up the hero.
Both have different options for weapons and armor that changes the characters stats.

What else do u need to make it a role playing game?

ASBO-5338d ago

oh ffs....... dont be "that guy"

Goldby338d ago

You don't be that guy,

Explain how those aren't rpgs?

slayernz338d ago

also witcher 3 is definitely not an RPG, i love playing RPGs as an archer/wizard but no chance of that here, and that crossbow was useless

Eiyuuou338d ago

HZD is officially listed as an RPG.

AC on the other hand as an Action-Adventure game.

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The story is too old to be commented.