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Bungie Forced To Address Incredibly Negative Fan Feedback

Destiny 2 has been having a rough time of it lately. People were generally underwhelmed by the Curse of Osiris expansion and they were frankly furious about ‘The Dawning’ Christmas content and activities.

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There's no news here. The Game Director has said multiple times that announcements are coming, but that's old news and already covered.
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Neonridr342d ago

Bungie has been in damage control of D2 basically since it launched. Not a good sign. At least with Destiny 1 it was progressive disappointment with each new DLC. With D2 it has been backlash right out of the gate. The problem is there is no real content coming anytime soon (I don't count Crimson Days as anything more than what the Dawning is -- useless) which means nothing is going to get better for some time.

NewMonday341d ago

finally deleted D2, not coming back until they overhaul PvP and bring back 6v6.

chris235340d ago

good thing you gave them your money

NewMonday340d ago


don't rub it in :(

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MisterRay340d ago

@chris235 Don't underestimate the value of player-recidivism. When it comes to online games, companies would much rather have one player who continues playing their game throughout the year than 10 players who only play it for a month. Choosing to jump ship, even if you have already paid for the game, sends a clear message.

cell989340d ago

they are bringing back 6v6 tho

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Jaypi03341d ago

Knowing Activision they'll end up re-releasing the game as a complete, enhanced, or ultimate edition which includes some major expansion and quest that can't be played with the base game alone.

UltraNova340d ago

D3 will be out by then so what's the point of getting it? Unless you like playing alone, or sit through matchmaking limbo to get on-line...

Sono421340d ago Show
kevnb340d ago

i remember people getting upset with the first destiny pretty quickly actually.

UnHoly_One340d ago

Yeah he has that totally backwards.

People started out mad with D1, then it got progressively BETTER with each DLC.

jmc8888340d ago

Except they still didn't solve some of the major problems, like no matchmaking, little content, and no discount for digital owners.

Yeah here you can get the full game for $40, but if you own the digital version base game, you had to pay like $90.

Thus many people left after the base content was complete, which wasn't that long.

Neonridr340d ago

I don't remember being angry at D1 from the start. We got upset with each new DLC giving us less and less. I remember the backlash when House of Wolves came out and all we got was the Prison of Elders and a new Social Space.

shadowraiden340d ago

i would argue the other way. D1 had good DLC and expansions for example taken king was exactly what people wanted it added and mixed up the gameplay at the time a lot.

but is it strange that Destiny 1 on launch atleast felt like that game that in time would become something good like you could see the potential there it just needed fleshing out.

D2 on the other hand just felt dead on arrival, you finish the story and there was nothing and you was punished if you want to actually play the game.

sure it looks pretty especially on PC and the gameplay like Destiny 1 feels great but as a game you keep playing there is nothing heck even Destiny 1 had some longivity on launch

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corroios342d ago

Bungie/Activision dont care because destiny 2 sold tons and is selling, but the game is lacking in every sector. The only thing spot on is the gameplay.

The Curse of osiris is crap, content wise, but i see tons of gamers that bought so much stuff from the eververse that i cant believe.

Neonridr342d ago

yeah, CoO brought basically nothing to the table. We got a new strike, a playable planet which is basically one sector on any other planet, and a bunch of weapons that you have to grind mindless activities for hours on end in order to acquire the mats needed to craft each weapon.

Eververse is just garbage. Remember when it was basic cosmetic things like emotes and shaders? Yeah, those days are gone. I wouldn't be surprised to see weapons show up there soon enough.

corroios342d ago

A new strike, its a mission from the DLC... How hard is to make strikes!!!! I use to do so many... How about full set of armors and guns for each strike. Planet, that is so small that it got only one public event.... How hard is to create amazing exotic armors and weapons?????

What i dont understand is why others studios dont create a proper Destiny. A clone, because it would be so easy to make something much better then Destiny. Besides Warframe. We gonna get Anthem, but i think that game will also have huge problems (EA)....

Seraphim340d ago

@ corroios.

with that logic then D2 came with what, 3 strikes out the box? Several of the original strikes were just a mission that ended up being in the strike playlist. I do agree though. At least in D1 strikes were separate from the missions and labeled as such. But that is the very least of the concerns for this game. Though more strikes are desperately needed everything at this point is desperately needed for D2. From simple medial things to adding more end game content.

And Bungie should be ashamed with CoO and Mercury. A friend says, "and here I thought the Dreadnaught was small." The Dreadnaught dwarfs Mercury.

As for a clone. It wouldn't be so easy to make something much better than Destiny. At it's core Destiny is a great game. However, any dev could develop and release a decently sized game with enough ground to traverse and end game content to keep gamers interested until an actual DLC or Expansion is released. That is one the major gaping flaw Bungie has always had. A severely vanilla game with pitiful DLC/Expansions/Season Passes. The amount of content never justifies the price or gives sustainability to the game.

kevnb340d ago

the gameplay is crap, unless you mean simply the core mechanics of shooting.

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jmc8888340d ago

They should care, because this is supposed to be a 10 year or so series.

If they want people to buy Destiny 2 DLC, Destiny 3, Destiny 3 DLC, Destiny 4, Destiny 4 DLC... well they have to stop pissing people off.

MisterRay340d ago

Big companies aren't as concerned about initial sales as you might think, at least for multiplayer games like Destiny 2. They are more interested in player retention. If the game sells like gang busters, but loses 80% of its initial player base, that's considered a big failure.

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Valkron1342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

I haven’t played in over a month and haven’t been tempted to go back. After reading this article I wish I never picked up Destiny 2

execution17341d ago

I just traded it in when it had the $40 trade in value. Got hit by the realization of how barebones it is after doing the story and seeing how so many things are put behind the eververse

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conanlifts341d ago

I still haven't bothered playing the latest expansion yet. I was busy for 2 weeks after it released and then noticed everyone on my list had already stopped playing it.

For me i think they should be releasing free story expansions on a monthly basis And offering fresh new missions.

Tru_Blu340d ago

I bought the digital deluxe barf, D1 was a decent game but wow did D2 suck right out of the gate.

Sono421340d ago

D1 wasn't a decent game either.

Aceman18340d ago

After the Taken King for D1 I quit the game and haven't looked back. I have no desire whatsoever to ever buy this game and play it lol.

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Kumakai342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

Keep expecting this kind of stuff til your willing to pay $80 for a new game. Production costs are exceeding or severely impacting ROI, thus more revenue generators are required.

If gov’t steps in with MT regulation, that decision will be made for you. Developers will have no choice but to charge more up front, knowing they can’t count on residuals. Simply continuing to charge you $60 all in doesn’t cover it anymore. Those days are gone for AAA.

Bookmark this comment for the future “I told you so”.

-Foxtrot342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

The fact the gaming audience continues to grow which means more sales and in turn more money I think they are fine at the price points they have now. It's greed plain and simple.

Last year you had a game like Hellblade which did fantastic in sales despite looking like a big risk...want to know why it did well? The game was good, the price was right, the release window was spot on, it had alright marketing for what it was.

It's just good decisions that are needed at the end of the day. Take a look at the Evil Within 2, fantastic game which stepped up every criticism made in the first game yet it didn't do aswell sale wise because Bethesda put it in the same month as their other game Wolfenstein II along with countless others. Now they are paying for it, and it's not the games fault nor is it ours yet because of that the third games future is up in the air.

Brian7655492341d ago

Destiny was due to huge criticisms from the very start and Activision was going to do everything in their power to get as much money as they can from the deal. It should have been a full blown MMO game but Activision doesn't want to give up the $60 price point that's guaranteed upfront.

But everyhing is not fine. That's why we had online passes, then season passes and now microtransactions. N64 games in todays dollars exceeds what big titles cost to make now. Meanwhile development teams have grown expenentionally, as have marketing budgets which are needed because unlike the N64 days there are far more games being released all trying to get your dollar.

Of course it's easy to say everything is fine when your only obligation is to buy the game or not. Are movie tickets the same price as they were in the 80's? Inflation is real, no use passing the buck and ignoring that because you want higher production games for the same price. If you don't care about large titles such as Assassins Creed or Destiny then there are lots of games that have smaller budgets out there like Hellblade. Mario games no longer sell 15 million copies, Halo no longer sells 15 million copies, Gran Turismo no longer sells 15 million copies. But are those games getting the same budgets as they did then?

conanlifts340d ago

Evil within 2 is an awesome game, highly recommended for anyone who has not tried it.

admiralvic340d ago

@ Brian7655492

"But everyhing is not fine. That's why we had online passes, then season passes and now microtransactions."

These things are likely more based in companies trying to maximize profits. For instance, reselling, sharing, renting and more are all lost revenue, which companies wanted to try to get at, since that is easy revenue. The same is true for season passes and microtransactions. Season passes try to maximize sales, by minimizing risk. How many people bought the Destiny 2 expansion pass, hated the first expansion and wish they didn't pay for the other? That is exactly how it works. Microtransactions are basically the best ratio in relation to effort and profit.

"Meanwhile development teams have grown expenentionally, as have marketing budgets which are needed because unlike the N64 days there are far more games being released all trying to get your dollar. "

Yes, but it's also important to understand how the market has changed. I'm willing to bet it was far more costly to print an N64 game than a PS4 game and even now a days games can release without any production costs. Likewise, in the past you didn't have as many ways to market, where as today you can have a single PR agent craft a press release and a number of outlets will cover it. Not to mention things like Twitch and YouTube increase awareness, largely for free, so the costs have certainly changed.

"Mario games no longer sell 15 million copies, Halo no longer sells 15 million copies, Gran Turismo no longer sells 15 million copies."

Also, it's important to note that a lot of these are assisted by things like bundles. Like, just looking at GT you have a number of bundles ranging from the PSP to PSVR.

SirBillyBones341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

That is pure fallacy.

Take EA as an example:

KwietStorm341d ago

You can miss me with all of that bullshit you just said. How does Warframe, which is a very similar in some ways, and also an entirely free game, have more consistent content updates than Destiny, when they basically have unlimited funds? lol I told you so.. please don't act like you stumbled upon something deep that hasn't been discussed ad nauseum already.

showtimefolks340d ago


You can't be serious because no gamer can think like that

1nsomniac340d ago

Wow. Someone has fallen deep into the “PR for Newbs” line. Bless. Once you’re older you’ll realise how marketing works in the real world.

DragonKnight340d ago

Yeah that's bull. The audience is growing and the sales are too. More people are buying games, so the idea that these devs are not making a good ROI is complete B.S.

They are the ones with overbloated budgets, they are the ones that push the idea of graphics first, everything else second, they are their own worst enemy.

Imalwaysright340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

“I told you so”

Please explain this and how MTs are needed when big games make those kind of numbers in just 1st month in the market.

I would take your "I told you so" seriously if it came with numbers to back it up. As it stands you're nothing more than a parrot to me repeating what others have said without a single shred of evidence for the doom and gloom you parrots like to preach

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-Foxtrot342d ago

Well hate to say I told you so buuuuut....

Just stop supporting Destiny and ignore Destiny 3 when it's announced no matter how much PR bullshit they spew out.

SegaGamer342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

COD, EA games, Destiny, etc etc. These games sell tons and there is always tons of complaints. Why don't people just stop buying these games ? All of this complaining and what do they do ? they buy the next game anyway! These people are idiots. If you don't want to get treated like a mug, then don't act like one.

Rachel_Alucard340d ago

There's tons of people who don't ever put anything more then 10% of their effort into anything they do outside of work and relationships. They don't see all the stuff happening in front of them and just parrot what other people go on about.

PapaBop340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

And there lies the overall problem, how many people who are currently pissed off with Bungie/Destiny 2 are going to preorder the super epic mega deluxe edition of Destiny 3 including the "expansion" pass then proudly gloat about it like it's some sort of achievement?

Sono421340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

Lol right? I said the same thing, Destiny 1 was just as bland, repetitive and empty as the squeal(Even more so really) yet everyone ate it up, then the second one came around and I told everyone, don't waste your time or money, its not gonna add anything new, just same old grind grind grind for gear with loads of garbage DLC, and would you look at that... it's almost as if a monkey could have predicted it, hell i'm sure Patcher did. but just let the mindless fanbase get screwed, they deserve every bit of it.