Achievement Hunter - SW:TFU Holocron Walkthrough Levels 1 - 5

GameTrailers: "Achievement Hunter is your one-stop source for all your achievement collecting needs. From Holocrons to shortcuts to boss battles, all the help you'll ever need will be found here. Good luck hunting!"

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ape0073482d ago

those holocrones are hard to find

I got like 840 out of 1000 achievement points

I love this game :)

I'll get the rest

Voozi3482d ago

Yea idk, the achievements in force unleashed aren't very rewarding, like the amount they reward you don't really justify for the "work" you need to do for them.

That and...beating the game on the hardest difficulty..F that! lol I tried it got to the hanger on level 1...died after like 2-3 laser blaster hits then shut off my 360 lol, haven't touched the game since haha

I got 465 / 1000 on my first playthrough on the normal difficulty, haven't really been motivated to go for another go lol

Nitrowolf23482d ago

almost got all of these just missing about 3 per level