IncGamers: Diablo III Not For Consoles

IncGamers have learnt DIII will not be making it to the consoles, despite rumours otherwise.

In an interview with the developers, where more information about the upcoming title will be revealed, the categorical denial quashes all rumours that the game may be coming to console.

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Wuushu3447d ago

Take that, console gamers. :P

syrinx3447d ago

good, no point wasting time in porting their quality pc titles over to kiddy toys like consoles anyway.

thetamer3447d ago

It's no surprise that these games aren't making it to console. AoC was promised out a year after it was on the PC, so even with real planning, it's really hard to port games to the consoles.

I think if anything, D3 would be the Blizzard title to make it to the consoles first. It's the one that I think will be most successful on those platforms.

Synteny3447d ago

Thank goodness it is not going to the consoles. I dislike the 'consolization' (try saying that three times fast) trend that we are seeing recently, possibly motivated by the constant hammering that 'PC gaming is in decline'.

Leord3447d ago

You are probably right, but I do think it might have turned out OK to consoles as well =)

kalos3447d ago

I agree, I've been annoyed in the past with previous series that screwed around with courting every console on the market and then throwing a botched job together for the PC. Ports are often an excuse to be sloppy and lazy.

SCFreelancer3447d ago

/Signed. Even though I don't care if it gets ported later on I do like the PC exclusiveness ;)

Medievaldragon3447d ago

They have said often they have no plans for console development. That might mean starcraft ghost might return this time only as a pc game too.

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