Star Citizen, I am disappointed

Eurogamer's Robert Purchese writes : Star Citizen is a bit like an Instagram account: what you see looks amazing but the reality is hollow. As it stands, at major milestone alpha 3.0, Star Citizen does not convince as a game. But as a picture-postcard-maker - as a demonstration of technology - it's virtually peerless.

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UltraNova338d ago

This game seems to be entering permanent perpetuity...after all these years it feels like a shell of a game it was promised to be. At this point one has to wonder if the people responsible for keeping this logistical nightmare going end up giving up on it and it simply falls apart leaving all those people who backed it up hanging.

I've read multiple opinions on Alpha 3.0 and they all reach the same consensus; the game feels like it has many many years left until its final version.

Snookies12338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

So, why the hell are people still paying for this thing? It seems so utterly pointless... This just seems to be that one Kickstarter scam that actually succeeded. It has gone exponentially over-budget and doesn't have anything substantial to show for it. Where is all that money going? Shouldn't what they've already gotten be enough by now? At least get done what you can with the current funding, and later on ask for more if needed.

fluxmulder338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

They're being roped along by the promise of what the game can be. Look at how this game is presented: the glitzy website with pages of lore, the youtube videos, the spaceship trailers that rival professional car commercials. It's all designed to sell a dream to people who don't have foresight to tell if this stuff can actually be made. If this game was being backed by a publisher, it would have been axed a long time ago, because they know that what CIG is promising is simply undoable. Especially with their inexperienced team and Cryengine, which was not made for a space MMO.

HaveSumNuts338d ago

Come on do you guys see whats happening in gaming today

PS2 (2000's) era: Complete games with a shit load of content, cheats, unlockables, cosmetic items all earned by playing the game

2018 wtf era: Incomplete and unfinished games charged at full price with barely any content, pay to get unlockables and cosmetic items, plus pay for a season pass to get the complete game

AnubisG337d ago


I've been saying that it will get to this ever since I've seen Need for Speed Carbon. Back than EA sold cars for the game for $3.99/each. When I've seen that, I got extremely angry because in a fraction of a second I knew where it will lead. Everyone called me an idiot at that time for saying that. Look where we are today and this will get worst in 2018 and 2019 as well.

RememberThe357337d ago

I believe they moved from the CryEngine to Amazons Lumberyard.

DARK WITNESS337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

@ AnubisG

I saw the beginning of this as far back as MW2. from that point on the price in games and dlc made a jump and we never came back from that. I actually wrote a blog post about this on here all those years ago. It's actually the only time I have written a blog post, I was that frustrated by what I could see it turning into....

today I don't think people even realise or care that games never use to be like this....

I don't even feel like a gamer anymore cos I hardly play anything. I find most games such empty experinces I have given up on most of them.

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Godmars290338d ago

But isn't that what its always been sold as? An always evolving and developing project which - eventually - will convey every aspect of a space-flight sim?

Somehow that didn't sound overly ambitious? Nevermind when they were sticking $1,000+ price tags on virtual ships.

UltraNova338d ago

Yes but more specifically they promised working, content/feature-rich milestone releases(most of which they listed along with their now severely overdue timelines). Now, if after all these years and funding well into the hundreds of millions later, you actually consider Alpha 1-3 as their promise fulfilled, then allow me to strongly dissagree with you.

Their only hope of redeeming themselves, for now, is for Squadron 42 to be released soon and be at least a 9/10.

Am I being to harsh? Well if other more proven and reliable devs delayed their game a few months let alone years people would tear them a new one so, no I'm not being harsh enough.

cyguration337d ago


So you want it to be rushed and buggy like Mass Effect Andromeda?

UCForce337d ago

@cyguration About that game ? Sure, but the development and business model of this game are questionable to be honest.

UltraNova337d ago


So what you want is for them to take another 10 years and 170million more to finish it?

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Godmars290338d ago

"Well if other more proven and reliable devs delayed their game a few months let alone years people would tear them a new one so, no I'm not being harsh enough."

Sorry, but I laughed at that. Gaming culture, culture in general, has become one of blind devotion. Square is at a point where it takes them over a decade to put out something with an incomplete and vapid story, EA has been, well EA in repeatedly screwing over franchises, and you think if loud vocal minority in that needs something truly worth complaining about before getting into the tens of thousands is going to compare to sales in the millions?

UltraNova338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

So andromeda, shadow of war, forza 6 and battlefront 2 backlash went totally over your head as examples of "blind devotion."?

No man just no.

UCForce338d ago

But you do need some realistic expectations here. The Last Guardian have been in development for almost a decade. And it finally released. This game is almost like that, but I don’t know when dev going to finish Star Citizens.

Godmars290338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

@UltraNova: I've been in far too many arguments with the Xbox camp every time Forza comes out for you to say it doesn't have those who give it blind devotion. Especially when GT is brought up (just watch). Likewise, despite being the most notable for backlash, even BF2 has legitimate gamers who defend it not matter how small a minority they are.

In many ways SC is exactly what the likes of EA and Activision wants. A small school of "whales" who will just give them money regardless of a game's quality, much less it being finished.

@UCForce: SotC is the exception because, 1) it clearly doesn't show compromise in regards to story and gameplay, 2) isn't asking for more money by way of DLC much less thought Kickstarter so it can be finished.

UCForce338d ago

SOTC is a remake, not a reimagined or neither reboot.

UltraNova338d ago

Ok lets leave it at that. The reason I've mentioned those 3 games is that I haven't lost all hope for the gaming community, yet. I want to believe that gaming is not going to get f***** by money hungry Corps and that we are going to stand in their way.

Or maybe its the naive teenager holding a NES controller part in me that speaks...

Godmars290338d ago

I've been saying Shadow of the Colossus all this time rather than The Last Guardian.

Oh dear...

Godmars290338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

"I want to believe that gaming is not going to get f***** by money hungry Corps"

And yet they have plans to use matchmaking not to pair players of equal skill level with one another, but manipulate them into buying loot crates, DLC, and in general to just play longer - which is in no way contradiction to the mentality of loot crates and MTs for when you don't have enough time to game.

The only way any of this crap begins to get fixed is if EA *AND* Activision are made to close their doors. Regardless they're only begging for the next industry crash.

bluefox755338d ago

Why would they want to release it? People keep forking over money at an absurd rate. Just a month ago, they got over a million dollars in one day. You think they are in any hurry for that gravy train to stop? lol

Tapani337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

Just play Elite 2: Frontier. With some graphics upgrades it looks great ever still and is a blast to play. My big brother who is closing on his 40s just bought it used and said he was more impressed with it than with any of the other latest and greatest open-world space sims.

Star Citizen is a scam. A very well-designed one that is. Particularly on the legal front it’s so solid that it is hard to poke at it other than as a failed overambitious project.

iofhua337d ago

Uh, yeah. It's an alpha. It would be many years from release due to the nature of it being an alpha.

Why are you all so stupid?

This is like if you were writing a college essay and I failed you after completing the first paragraph of your rough draft.

notachance337d ago

lol yeah sure, a first paragraph that took a whole year to complete

iofhua337d ago

notachance - do you think a game of this scope is made in a year?

It could take longer than DNF to finish. It's a much bigger game.

notachance337d ago

it's been 5 years last time I check, still on the first paragraph eh?

iofhua337d ago

notachance - yes. Because that's what "alpha" means.

Are you stupid?

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dolfa338d ago

It was stated several times that this is not a game but a simulator.

UCForce338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

It’s still a game even it’s a simulator or not. And i’m not interested of this game. Don’t get me wrong, I love sci-fi. It’s just that I don’t like the business model of this game.

dolfa338d ago

i was interested one time, but that interest ended like 2-3 years ago

geyixubi337d ago

G00gle pay 85$ per hour my last pay check was $8500 operating a hundred hours per week on-line. My younger brother friend has been averaging 12k for months currently and he's employed concerning twenty two hours per week. I can’t believe however simple it had been once i attempted it out. this is often what I do.

dolfa338d ago

source: https://robertsspaceindustr... and could find a lot more for all you annonymous downvoters :)

Gh05t338d ago

"Real quick, Star Citizen is:
-A rich universe focused on epic space adventure, trading and dogfighting in first person.
-Single Player – Offline or Online(Drop in / Drop out co-op play)
-Persistent Universe (hosted by US)
-Mod-able multiplayer (hosted by YOU)
-No Subscriptions
-No Pay to Win"

"It’s about the gameplay and your interactions with others"

None of those scream simulator.


Dark_Knightmare2338d ago

I'll tell you right now I downvoted you because what you said to try to justify this ridiculous game was itself ridiculous so I guess the game and you are a match made in heaven

morganfell337d ago

I downvoted you. Your approach reminds me of the Politburo telling citizens they could find the truth by reading Pravda.

So far the only thing that is being simulated is a scam and I really do not think its simulating that but is instead the real thing. I do not think Chris Roberts began the project with that intention, but mission creep has led to that state. If we disregard for a few moments the overall budget and instead examine the game at an individual level it is no better than some Early Access game on Steam that never leaves Early Access and also never approaches the point of full playability.

The overall budget just makes the entire matter more of a grand farce. Oh they created a space opera alright...and Chris Roberts is the baritone lead.

dolfa337d ago

First of all: I dont try to justify anything here, Im not fan of the game, not backer. Im amazed how much attention my comment got. So i try to clarify what i meant. It was a response to the article saying it is "...a game..".

I was interested one time to play Star Citizen and was backer (refunded) one time because it seemed fun, but as the scope grew, multiple elements they implemented make it ridiculously complex and unfun to me. This is were IN MY OPINION game differs from simulator. Simulator aims for complex model trying to contain all the elements around the subject. Exactly what Star Citizen does while having few features of a game. It will take so much time it i wouldnt ever have. Thats also reason why i refunded.

Im not sure what made it so confusing for you to understand my post, but i guess there is every kind of person here. :-)

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bluefox755338d ago

Simulate what? Space travel? Since they have no idea what that would actually entail, realistically, they're not simulating it. It's a game.

dolfa337d ago

Why couldnt they? Space travel is very much possible. Do you understand what simulator means? it doesnt need to be 100 percent realistic, it usually tries to simulate one particular area. There are many simulators like arma is, you could say Dayz is survival simulator aswell :)

Psychotica338d ago

Yeah so? What difference does that make? Does the label "simulator" give it a pass on quality and value?

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morganfell338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

I believe they now desperately need the money. I think they blew through most of their budget already getting a new company together spread across 6 international locations, hiring people, paying for the best tech, squandering money on big actors, etc etc. Now they have to start making a game like everyone else and the fight where it matters, in the trenches, is not going well for them. In the end this will go down as the most expensive flop in the history of gaming and they are beginning to realize this thing could fail massively. Their only hope is to have enough money to walk away from gaming and hide.

DarXyde338d ago

With six international locations, hiding might prove difficult.

... maybe they could use that money to leave earth and actually experience space travel. Funny enough, if they did that, they'd understand actual space travel and could build an actual simulator.

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Aither337d ago

I said this exact same thing on the last few Star Citizen news articles. It was true then, and remains true now.

drunkenspy007338d ago

This game is a victim of scope creep. I feel bad for anyone who invested in it.

Cobra951337d ago

It may well be the victim of several creeps.

WelkinCole337d ago

Every devs worst nightmare.

bluefox755338d ago

Most expensive tech demo ever made.

Deep-throat338d ago ShowReplies(7)
SierraGuy337d ago

They should rename it "dumb citizen".