Amazon opens preorders for Xbox One Wireless Controller Sea of Thieves Limited Edition

Amazon has opened preorders for the Sea of Thieves Limited Edition of the Xbox One Wireless Controller.

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-Foxtrot336d ago

Surprised there's no collectors edition...treasure chest with a ship in a bottle or something

Gaming4Life1981336d ago

Yea but I think I need this controller if it's reasonably priced. I always wanted the elite controller but I refuse to pay that much for a controller.

GamingSinceThe80s336d ago

Got to elites on amazon when they came out for just under $100 each as they were returns,at that price I can't recomend them more,but damn I want this SOT one even if just for display,once you elite you don't go

Sitdown336d ago

Just had to around... Had Best But price match Costco for sub $100 and Best Buy just happened to be running a $30 gift card promotion with purchase.

336d ago
DillyDilly336d ago

With a mini Captain Jack Sparrow inside

jaymacx336d ago

If xbox released games like they do controllers, Xbox brand would be in better shape. I already own 4 controllers so far. They have made so many good ones. My favorite is the white black and gold one that was exclusive to Gamestop. I wish more games used the rumble triggers as well as support for pc games.

LoveSpuds336d ago

While I am not interested in the game (I am not a multiplayer gamer), I have to say, this controller looks flipping awesome, I would pick that up in a heartbeat given the chance.

spicelicka336d ago

That's actually an awesome looking controller.