Forza Horizon 3 Native 4K & Enhanced Patch on Xbox One X Coming January 15

Forza Horizon 3 will receive a new patch on January 15, thanks to which support for Xbox One X will be enabled.

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Obscure_Observer256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

Amazing work! Congrats Playground Games! Can´t wait to race your beautiful game again.

And now, all i can think about is Forza Horizon 4 reflecting the all beauty of Japan vistas at Native 4K! *_*

Drifiting Haruna (Akina) Mountain on Forza Horizon will be a dream come true.

Yes, Initial D fan right here, baby. ;)


Wotbot256d ago

Adds to an already impressive title.

HollowKnight255d ago

Still waiting for Sunset Overdrive patch I want to play that game.

Wotbot255d ago

Sunset is one of the best games this gen, an absolute joy to play

BL8CK1CE256d ago

Can’t wait stopped playing when I heard there was a patch coming.

mark_parch255d ago

same here. haven't turned it on since I heard about the patch and started loads of other games, can't wait to jump back in

TankCrossing255d ago (Edited 255d ago )

I don't normally play non-VR racing games any more, but FH3 is a gem. At the very least I'll probably have a dabble with the Hot Wheels expansion content.

Cross-buy coming up trumps for me, as I originally bought this for PC :)

timotim256d ago

Amazing! My 4K OLED is ready! Greatest racer of the generation easy!

NoPeace_Walker256d ago

The best racer this with Native 4K. My X is ready. 👍🏼

timotim256d ago

I mean arcade or otherwise actually.

obidanshinobi255d ago

Well the game does feature a fully simulated transmission and there's loads of tuning.
Can't remember many arcade racers where you can adjust the tyre pressure.

aawells07255d ago

What makes the difference? Oh you're just being a..........? Why act like this?

jinjojuice255d ago

Nice,what oled you got?I've got the lg b7 awesome gaming in hdr.

timotim255d ago

55" 2017 LG B7 OLED - love it!

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TheCommentator256d ago

Forza Horizon 3 is 1080p/30 so it seems impossible to get to 4K/60 out of it on the XB1X. That would require 8 times the pixels per second, but maybe a 1080p enhanced mode could get it there if Playground puts some serious effort into it.

slasaru01256d ago

i don't know about the serious effort since it can run 1080/60 on Win10 PC from Windows Store and even has same achievements already. in this case it's either shady policy or laziness

TheCommentator255d ago (Edited 255d ago )

I don't know for sure Slasaru, but I believe (IIRC) that games on consoles which are frame locked to 30FPS would need more work to change things like the frame buffer to get to 60FPS. Games with unlocked framerates can just scale up to 60 without much more that extra power. Maybe someone with programming experience like Rainslacker could elaborate, but it's beyond my scope to give any more detail.

I don't see why you'd conclude that it's shady practice or laziness. When has Playground ever skimped on quality or detail?


Most likely 4k 30fps. maybe a 1080p 60 mode though?

kevnb255d ago

i would hope for 1440p 60 fps with up scaling.

ProjectVulcan256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

Not a chance.

Sm00thNinja256d ago

But the Witcher 3 offers this?? It's a possibility if not a pipe dream

CrimsonIdol256d ago

The Witcher 3 offers "up to" 60fps at "up to" 4K on Xbox one X. Stable 60fps would be possible I reckon, but not at 4k, not in a big open world game.

ProjectVulcan255d ago (Edited 255d ago )

The Witcher 3 offers 1080p and averages about 45FPS if you watch the analysis by Digital Foundry. It's totally inconsistent which really isn't good for a racing game. Might be just about tolerable riding around on a horse in an adventure game, less so racing cars.

It's also less demanding than Forza Horizon 3, since it's exclusively an offline title and Horizon 3 pushes the base Xbox One very hard.

Soon as you add Horizon 3's netcode coupled with the open world there is no hope it'll get near to sustaining 60FPS on Xbox One X even at 1080p. Not unless you want to take a hit to the settings.

badz149256d ago

If 60fps is what you after, why didn't you play it at its best since launch? It was already 60fps or higher on a decent PC

Sm00thNinja256d ago

You answered your own question. I don't have the extra cash to spend on upgradin g my PC. Between my Xbox One X, PS4 Pro and Switch I'm tapped out

badz149256d ago

you could have upgraded your PC for cheaper than buying the X and play this game at 60fps. maybe not in 4K but 1080p or even 1440p at 60fps was already doable on a mid-range cards

mark_parch255d ago

no chance of 4k 60fps but hopefully we will get a 1080 60fps and 4k 30fps modes

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