Dish Network 1080p Compared to Blu-ray 1080p (Verdict: Not Bad)

At face value, "1080p high definition" means 1920×1080 pixels presented progressive scan (all at once). But if a clip is 1080p that alone doesn't necessitate that it will look good. Just as you can stretch a thumbnail in Photoshop to any gargantuan size you like, so too can content providers give you ugly 1080p.

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TheTimeDoctor3238d ago

i don't, but comcast sucks. Stop ripping me off comcast!

Johnny Rotten3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

I have Dish-Net it's pretty cool.

it's just one of the perks for living in Canada. FTA rules!

IzKyD13313238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

I had dish network but it was plagued with connection problems (for me anyway)

Real Gambler3238d ago

Or have someone slap it in a remote location, beam it up to a satellite if weather is decent, then beaming it down into your house, still hoping the weather is decent enough. Now, if you leave in the north, make sure your dish is not full of snow.

First channel: Full bandwith. Then as they add more and more channel, they have to split the bandwith more and more between channel.

So at best, with ideal conditions, you get bluray quality. But so many things can go wrong, I'll still rent or buy my Blurays, thank you.

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Ju3238d ago

Hey, look, NTSC compared to DVD...huh ?

joevfx3238d ago

it may have the same resolution, but it will never get the same kick ass audio blu ray has.

Imallvol73238d ago

i got dishnetwork. very happy. NOT SAME AS BLU RAY though.

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The story is too old to be commented.