2 New PS Vita Games Not Enough People are Talking About

"There are two recent PS Vita releases that caught us by surprise. Both titles, coincidentally, are only on Vita and PC. While the two game’s artwork might look similar, they are wildly different from one another. Let's take a look!" -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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princejb134336d ago

no one is talking about it because sadly not many people own vitas anymore. I have friends who sold theirs early last year because it was collecting dust

RememberThe357336d ago

I don't get why you'd get down voted for a pretty common thing. My brother traded in his Vita for a Switch, and doesn't regret it at all. People move on from consoles, even ones they like.

iofhua336d ago

VA-11 Hall-A is kind of crap, to be honest. The story could have gotten really interesting but they don't finish the interesting parts and leave a lot of questions hanging. The writer seemed to like focusing on LGBT conversations instead.

Who is the hologram that only the protagonist can see? Never answered. The hologram actually shows up right before the ending just to say "Hi!" and disappears leaving the protagonist to go "WTF?" because apparently that's good story-writing for some people.

What happened to that data leak during the bank robbery? The game just ends that story with "there was a huge data leak" Who were the terrorists? What are their motivations? What happens next? Just "there was a huge data leak. The end."

There are lots of other questions. The explosions, the bar owner's history, the white knights, backstory on some of the customers, but the game really just wants to talk casually about aberrant sexuality instead of all that other interesting stuff.

What gets me are all the good reviews. Apparently talking about gay sex is good enough reason to excuse bad writing and poorly developed plot.

IMO I would recommend not buying it at all, let alone on a dead handheld like the vita.

awdevoftw336d ago

These games are cool, but I like physical copies, so unless it gets one, I will probably miss out on these, unless they get extremely cheap digitally. Like 2 dollars.

chris235336d ago

physical copies? why? they are on their way out. next gen i hope will be digital only.

Concertoine336d ago

Vita memory cards are expensive.

Prince_TFK336d ago


No, they are not on their way out. Physical copy are still popular almost everywhere in the world. Not everyone has high speed data connection to download huge games size that keep on increasing each gen.

bluefox755336d ago

Ridiculous. You can still buy vinyl albums. As long as there is a demand for physical copies (lots of people continue to like them), there will be a supply.

Chaos_Order336d ago

If I remember rightly, Valhalla will be getting a physical release from Limited Run Games at some point this year. No idea on when exactly, as their plans are not set in stone.

chris235336d ago

i got a vita. but it has covered so much dust the past years i am actually scared to touch it.

bouzebbal336d ago

games are mabe cool, but you can't talk about a killer app.. where are the games that take advantage of vita's functionalities?
it has been so long i turned vita on that i'm sure i will have to reprogram the date and time..

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