Why I (Can't) Hate Wii Music

Crispy Gamer's Russ Fischer writes:

"Unsurprisingly, the bad impressions started with Ravi Drums. In an E3 press conference filled with poor decisions and half-baked strategizing, debuting a new music title with the help of an over-gelled, seemingly uncoordinated player was one of the worst moves of the day. Throughout E3 2008, the profile of Wii Music never improved. Shigeru Miyamoto led a little Vaudeville mime and dance onstage, and in private demos Nintendo never managed to make the game look like a viable alternative to Rock Band and Guitar Hero, much less a credible competitor.

Nintendo's Media Summit last week started to change my mind. Through a series of demos, I found that the game's ability to remix or even remake songs is deeper than had been previously reported. I experienced how the musical gameplay can follow a song directly, or allow players to do more or less exactly what they want within the basic rhythmic framework. And I saw that, with a little effort, even that framework can be massively altered by determined players."

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Monteblanco3446d ago

Curious, unlike the author, I find more embarrassing to have a picture with myself with a plastic guitar than with a Wii remote playing Wii Music.

Still not sure if Wii Music will be a good game. The author is right about the musical selection being lacking but he is in the right way recognising that Wii Music software is much more advanced than anything available at Guitar Hero. I still think Wii Music will find its public at the very young people and perhaps at those who actually know something about music.