Jade Raymond Joins Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences’ Board of Directors

The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS) on Tuesday announced that developer Jade Raymond has become the latest member to be appointed to its board of directors.

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stokedAF136d ago

Good for her. I have always liked her attitude and her passion made her that much more of a Fox imo. What does this board do exactly? It says spread awareness but how and to whom?

strayanalog136d ago

Its board is basically the Academy Awards where you judge your peers. It promotes the medium's awareness by recognizing achievements, kind of like the Oscars do film, through D.I.C.E.

Gh05t136d ago

So its a political weapon used to reward or shame people. Nice!

Fist4achin136d ago

Everyone at once, Hi Jade!

SojournUK136d ago

Not heard of her since Heavenly Sword.

Chocoburger136d ago

She worked on Assassin's Creed (left Ubisoft after Unity), not Heavenly Sword.

SojournUK135d ago

Thanks for correcting me :)

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