Star Wars Battlefront II Sells an Estimated 1.33 Million Units First Week at Retail

he action shooter from publisher Electronic Arts and developer EA Dice - Star Wars Battlefront II - sold 1,326,906 units first week at retail, according to VGChartz estimates.

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UKRsoldja335d ago

Not as big of a joke as you..

-Foxtrot334d ago

Any seriously. How sad.

AnubisG334d ago

With a name like soldja, you should not be teasing anyone.

cyber_daemonx334d ago

@soldja, the game is sh1te like your comment. It deserves to bomb hard.

Bleucrunch334d ago

why did you need to get personal with that soldja?? His opinion hurt your feelings or something??

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SierraGuy334d ago

Only because it was bundled with PS4 for the holidays I bet.

TheSplooge334d ago

So many wallets to be emptied. 😉

YodaCracker334d ago

That’s a massive 64% drop in first week sales from the previous Battlefront.

Krysis334d ago

If that's the case then that's great.

UltraNova334d ago

Even still, is it safe to say they're over 5 mil by now? I hope EA suffers for this.

REDGUM334d ago

Thats an interesting stat, thanks YodaCracker. I was just looking at yhe sales number of 1.3 mil and thinking not bad but when compared to the 1st installment.... gee whizz, she is a low number hey!

EddieNX 335d ago

I'm really enjoying the campaign. looks so good with HDR on my TV!

Prubar334d ago

Yea it's really impressive looking on the X. Definitely a good showcase. Plus I've been playing the MP on a daiy basis.


Very beautiful game, I bought it on both systems and I'm having a blast with it.

Profchaos334d ago

Played the EA access trial and wasn't impressed the character models just looked horrible for Nov enemies no emotion on their faces just stand and shoot no really movements just kind of rushed

Retroman334d ago

After all gamers did to Protest Ea MT Awareness you bought it?
Shame on you

EddieNX 334d ago

don't regret it either. it's awesome. Yh they're effect up the microtransactions but they have tried to fix it and the core game is brilliant. and it's STAR WARS so....

OB1Biker334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

No. Shame on you for trying to shame a gamer because you dont agree with what games he should play.
Keep your crusade on if you wish, or pretend to, because you have a lot of work at hands, but dont try play the bully

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SegaGamer335d ago

Despite the controversy, the casual and probably a lot of hardcore gamers just don't care.

ReBurn334d ago

People buy for different reasons. Lots of people got it for the single player stuff and don't care about the multi player loot box stuff. Personally I don't think that the single player content was worth full price, but is probably a solid buy at half off.

ABizzel1334d ago

They do care, the game dropped from over 3m first week sales for the first game, down to just over 1m with the sequel. It literally dropped 2/3 of it's first week sales, and it was still bundled with the PS4 for the holiday, so it's not doing nearly as good as EA hopped, even though 1m is still a good seller for most games.

ABizzel1334d ago


I was also 50% off on PSN, and again it sold 1/3 of what the original did.

334d ago
stokedAF334d ago

Most normal people don’t care about any “controversy” seen on here. I’m impressed what a few thousand people did by being loud babies though. That’s not even .001% of the gaming community. The social media mobs really have making themselves look bigger down to a science.

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Rimeskeem335d ago

I’ll get hardcore downvoted but the whole P2W is completely wrong on this game. Haven’t spent a penny besides the initial purchase and I’ve been doing fine playing with friends.

OB1Biker335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

Well you cant literally spend a penny since launch. and why wouldnt you be doing fine anyway?
Now its fair to say people dont like the loot crates but you cant buy any with mts since launch

TankCrossing334d ago

You could for the first couple of days. They removed the transactions in response to the outcry, and their stated intention is to rework and reintroduce transactions at a later date

They might fix them, or they might still be a smeg. Time will tell.

OB1Biker334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

I got the standard version in the UK on day one and MTS were already frozen. I know the deluxe edition released three days earlier so that maybe so but I mean day one standard release.
It's not clear what they will do and not necessarily reintroduce the MT. Time will tell like u said but it's already been a while and many gamers may have got what they wanted and even moved on. Thing is its best to talk about real up to date facts rather than building castles in the air.

GMEN718334d ago

Same here... Got the game for 30 bucks black Friday.

PUBG334d ago

That's how you do it! Buy it when it's half the price. I haven't bought a full price EA game since Mass Effect 3 and Bad Company 2. They offer so little at launch these days, and they have all kinds of server issues over the first 6 months with pretty much all of their online games.

zb1ftw777334d ago

That's because the matchmaking system decides before if you are going to win or lose the next game.

HyperMouse334d ago

They changed the game man, but its rumored to be coming back

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