Buying Every Overwatch League Team Skin Costs at Least $1200

The Overwatch League Team skins have been released today, but players who want to collect them all will either be left empty-handed or spent at least $1200 on unlocking them.

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-Foxtrot310d ago

Kind of disgusting but to be honest the majority of them aren't very nice anyway

I wish you could hide the Team names.

I like how one design applies to every character but when we have an event they only design new skins for a handful of characters. With how much money Blizzard makes and the fact they are only skins they should have a new skin for every character during an event. Not like people are asking for maps all the time which need testing and balancing to get things right in terms of gameplay.

blitz0623309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

$5 just for a skin is a lot, but it's pretty obvious the teams get a good share from all purchases. It's part of their investment in joining the league. There's a reason why the entire section is separated and the skins can't even be found in lootboxes. It promotes the league and encourages the community to support it and the teams playing

Tzuno309d ago

tell that to the zits army nerds, they will defend it like wolfs :)

Vits310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

These skins are meant to be seen as "sport jerseys", a way for the players to show their suport for their favorite team. In other words, they aren't meant to be collectible like the other skins avaible in the game. But I do agree that the $5 per skins is a little costly, they could have at least been a bit more generous with the progressive discounts..

bluefox755310d ago

Somehow Blizzard gets a pass though.

Kiknyonutz309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

It's cosmetic... Yeah some people would like to have every cosmetic but that's on you. Siege does this with premium skins and look at the support it's gotten. You enjoy Overwatch and all the free events, maps and characters? Them stop complaining about something you have complete control over...

BenjaMan64310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

50% of the revenue will go towards supporting the Overwatch League pro teams. Good for them I guess.

chris235310d ago

why would someone collect digital stuff?
why would someone collect anything?

if i was a developper or publisher i would definitely do the same thing. because obviously there are people out there willing to pay for such would strike me as very odd but in the end i would count the dollars and produce even more nonvalors for my dear customers.

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