Spider-Man: Web of Shadows trailer is full of webby shadows

TVGB: "Woh, now that is how you make a f-ing launch trailer, people. This Spider-Man: Web of Shadows trailer fleshes out the plot for those of us that weren't paying any attention to the game since, in all fairness, it's been a bit overshadowed by the other massive titles coming out later in the year. Now, thanks to that little piece of kickass advertising I am fully engrossed in the game again. Sure the struggle between light and darkness is an old one in the world of Spider-Man but with Spider-Man 3 failing so hard at delivering it to us, this looks like a chance at redemption."

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Nitrowolf23512d ago

idk, this game comes out the same day as LBP, i want to try this out so hopefully a demo will drop by soon, if not i'll rent it

ShinMaster3511d ago

If the gameplay and story are really good, I won't mind the graphics.
But I might mind bland repetitive buildings.