IGN: HDTV Buyer's Guide

High definition content is everywhere, whether it be from your Xbox 360 or your set-top HD DVR. As the various manifestations of the entertainment industry shift more and more to exclusively HD media, the necessity for a high-definition display grows greater. But the HDTV market is also inundated with hundreds of models that would rightfully be filed under the "waste of money" categorization, so consumer education and awareness is key. Fortunately, IGN Gear has compiled the following buyer's guide for both new or seasoned HDTV buyers.

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chaosatom3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

even cheaper than Vizio.

I think cheap hdtvs gave me the satisfaction I want.

p.s it's a 32 inches.

I got a better brand with 26 inches aroud same price, but not worth it imo. I don't really care about contrast ratio honestly and 32 inches felt like the biggest tv ever, since it's 16:9 instead of 4:3.

p.p.s. The tv is dynex in best buy.

Yi-Long3446d ago

... it's a real strugle at the moment to pick a great TV that does everything really well, AND comes at an affordable price (No Pioneer, sadly)

I have 1500 euro for a fullHD Plasma, but I've been looking for the 'right' TV for a while now.

I'm pretty much looking at the Panasonics, and MAYBE the new (gorgeous looking) Samsung's, but both of those also come with some negatives, sadly.

What also doesnt help, is that I have a feeling that prices for TV's will be dropping pretty soon (especially with the crisis right now), so that kinda makes me 'lazy' about already buying one, cause a week later it could be 100-200 euro cheapers.

Maybe I should just go for a HDready Plasma, as it will be a 42 inch anyway.