Star Wars: Republic Commando could have saved us from Battlefront 2, but never got the chance

We sat down with Republic Commando's lead developer, Brett Douville, to discuss the game's development and lack of a sequel.

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Jinger101d ago

I would love a sequel!

TheColbertinator100d ago

Classic Star Wars game. Among the best

Godmars290100d ago

Do big game companies have any idea of what "organic" game development is? Allowing a proven IP, one that's just picked up a notable following, to grow on it's own?

CorndogBurglar100d ago

Republic Commando was so good. My 2nd favorite Star Wars game behind TIE Fighter.

VideoGameLab100d ago

Jedi Power battle for me. Playing coop is the best thing ever!

Fist4achin100d ago

I loved republic commando! Definitely one of the better star Wars games ever developed

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