IGN: Magic Carpet Memories

Anticipation for Fable II on the Xbox 360 is reaching a fever pitch, as evidenced in IGN's recent reader poll that puts the RPG/conscience-exercise at the top of the games to get on October 21. The Fable series is spearheaded by industry visionary Peter Molyneux, who has an enjoyably colorful history in videogames as both a game designer and passionate pitchman. Before heading up Lionhead Studios, his current outfit which was purchased outright by Microsoft in 2006, Molyneux founded another development studio named Bullfrog Productions. Bullfrog, founded in 1987, was a significant force in game development until Electronic Arts (which had bought Bullfrog in 1995) completely folded into internal operations. Bullfrog's game catalog includes notables like Dungeon Keeper, Populous, and Syndicate.

In 1994, Bullfrog released its most ambitious game yet, an action-strategy game called Magic Carpet. It required then-cutting edge technology to be even be played, much less properly enjoyed. For example, Magic Carpet shipped only on CD. And the system requirements were decidedly steep for 1994, such as a bare minimum 486, but with the strong suggestion you have a Pentium to make sure the game ran smoothly.

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