LittleBigPlanet: Best God of War Recreation Yet

GameXtract writes "Well the beta officially ends this Sunday so for those who have access to it should use up all the hours they can before the final day. We here at GameXtract have been sniffing for some of the best levels in the LBP world and their are a heck of a lot. One that stood out from the rest is a level known as God of War - Demon Skull. It is one of the best game related levels out their with gameplay reference to Kratos. Puzzles are used to advance through the level, and the theme, and objects used really make you feel like your in a chessy GOW title. I have to admit that the level at times made me stop and think about how to go about cracking the puzzle, and that's a clear sign that this is a well made recreation of God of War. Be sure to watch the video after the jump."

Watch the video after the jump!

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pwnsause3571d ago

played this level, it was awesome, only problem was the song, it needs "The End Begins" theme!!!!

MAR-TYR-DOM3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

this song made me feel like Sh1t :( It way to peaceful and heart warming!

3570d ago
jwatt3570d ago

Yea that was the best level I played, with puzzles and everything.

DavidMacDougall3570d ago

"Run, Jump, Run, Jump, pull lever!!! Yawn.... "

See LBP news, talks crap , happy with self , see LBP news , talks crap!! Yawn!!! - Corrected

Its very different if you play the game and im happy you will never know that

Sarcasm3570d ago

If LBP was a 360 exclusive game, Agent VX would go on about how it's the second coming.

If Gears of War 2 was a PS3 exclusive, Agent VX would say it's your typical 3rd person shooter.

So it's better to just click "report" then "spam" for this guy.

thereapersson3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Hiding behind the ruse of "free speech" to come into EVERY SINGLE Little Big Planet article and troll the game; blatantly showing he doesn't give two sh1ts about it, yet for some reason has to let that fact be known by posting it EVERY time. I don't care much for Halo, but you don't see me in Halo 3 related articles, spreading anti-halo BS every chance I get.

You're not fooling anyone.

Agent VX3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

It's pretty pathetic and lowly of the Mod who deleted my post, give nothing what so ever on why they delete a perfectly factual post.

All I hear about is whinny fanboys praising this title, and I give a run down on how I see this game, and it is spam. LOL, how cowardly!!!

There is nothing different, than seeing the same people come to every LBP and saying it's a perfect game, a revolutionary game and the best game every created, and not delete their speech as SPAM!!!. There is no difference what so ever, but my post gets deleted.

Yep, Run, Jump, Run, Jump, pull lever.... Yawn, the gameplay is boring, and this reviewer obviously didn't play the same game I did.

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Why o why3571d ago

the music does need a fix though. Pity the cratos sackboy isnt out yet also

Hagaf223570d ago

its a great level, to bad the person that played it in the video didnt read the pop up to tell you how to open the chest, which to me is one of the best aspects of the level, this level is one of the best yet, the player one of the worst.

alan0013571d ago

great level, so the beta ends on the 12th?

Johnny Rotten3571d ago

Sacboy looks like Salvador Dali in a pink bunny suit!

Harry1903570d ago

to look like Dali. Salvador was unique in his own way. I long for the day when I will finally be able to enjoy possessing one of his paintings.

Cusco3571d ago

wouldn't you rather just play god of war though? The beta is cool, pretty fun to play around with the tools they give you, hopefully this game will be HUGE

kydrice3570d ago

I hate it when people say "Wouldn't you rather just play xxx instead??" Well in that case LBP is completely useless. I mean why jump? wouldn't you just rather jump in real life? why skateboard with sackboy? Why do anything Why even play games? It's not the point, Yes, why play LBP instead of Mario, GoW and all the other remakes out there? Because we can, pure and simple. We can do whatever we want in LBP too a limit..Theres a skateboard in there we're gonna build a ramp if the tools are there to recreate a cheesy GoW then we'll make it and god willing if they gave me the space and items, I'd recreate all of FF7 from start to finish.

Dacapn3570d ago

FF7 recreation...that's ballsy as hell. Never thought of that.

thereapersson3570d ago

It's not about the fact that you can just use your energy to play the original influence; it's about the fact that you can do something totally creative with the idea that you are interested in.

Why do people create Mario levels when they could easily play the real thing? Obviously some people just want to exercise their creative talents. This is the closest thing you can get to game design without actually programming your own code.

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