Japan's Game Market in 2017, Nintendo Switch the Best Selling Game Console

FGR writes:
Nintendo Switch is the best selling video game console in Japan for the past year, and Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon is the best selling game in Japan for the same period.

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PhoenixUp251d ago

Dang only one PS4 game made it into the top 10

250d ago
FallenAngel1984251d ago

Damn Xbox One has only sold 87,592 units in Japan

TekoIie250d ago

It does get a bit boring doesn't it?

Krysis250d ago

Don't take that away from him it's all he has.

Kiwi66250d ago (Edited 250d ago )

But that's 87,590 more than some said it would sell but either way congrats Nintendo

ABizzel1250d ago

No one expected XBO to sell this bad in JP, especially considering the 360 sold over 1.5m consoles in JP last gen. This gen they'll be lucky to see 1/10 of those sales. That's shocking, I expected them to do a tad less, not 1/10.

jrshankill250d ago (Edited 250d ago )

Feedback, from as late as 3 days ago, with Japenese gamers wanting more stock of Xbox One X.

DJK1NG_Gaming251d ago

Not surprising. It was literary no contest. Switch will dominate 2018-2019-2020-2021 in Japan as well and so on.

Prince_TFK250d ago

Just wait until Pokemon for the Switch comes out. The sale is gonna be crazy for both the game and the Switch.

SegaGamer250d ago

The Switch appeals to everything the Japanese love about gaming, it doesn't surprise me in the slightest that it's doing so well over there. It would have been more of a surprise if it wasn't doing well.