IGN: Linger in Shadows Impressions

Linger in Shadows hit the PlayStation Network this week, but make no mistake - it is not a game. It even says so in about three different places just to make sure the point gets across. Instead, it's being dubbed as "interactive art", which is a pretty fitting description. With strange (but beautiful) visuals that dance and smash their way across the screen, coupled with the ability to control the camera angle and, at times, manipulate the screen's contents, it's an experience like no other on any console.

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MvmntInGrn3389d ago

Very interesting piece and for $2.99 its worth it for whats there. "Interactive Art" really does name what this is, I still call it a game since there is user input but it definitely rides that line of game or not.

Figuring out how to activate new scenes is fun, even if how it is done doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Treat this like a hands-on dream.

Also a cool thing to show friends and family that wouldn't want to watch a typical game.

Shakyhand3389d ago

Agree with you there- a very interesting, unique and fun experience indeed. More of the same please!