It Appears That Nintendo Has Unfinished Business With The 1080° Snowboarding Series

NintendoLife writes: "1080° Snowboarding on the N64 and its sequel 1080° Avalanche on the GameCube are both fondly remembered arcade style snowboarding games, which were overshadowed a bit by EA's SSX series back in the day. Still it seems that Nintendo has a fond spot for the series as it's recently trademarked the name "1080° Ten Eighty"."

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Magnus136d ago

At the time 1080 was a great game and is still a great game to play I use to play the hell out of the game. I am glad to see Nintendo taking interest in this title and I can't wait to play it.

michellelynn0976136d ago

I hope it means something. Let's see.

Sgt_Slaughter136d ago

I'm excited but slightly hesitant after previous trademark bust. Would be great to see this, Wave Race, and Pilotwings back on the Switch.

NotoriousWhiz136d ago

I'd actually prefer to see SSX Tricky come back. Also, Snowboard kids.

blackblades136d ago

Wasn't it called cool boarders.

NotoriousWhiz136d ago

There was a snowboarding series on Playstation called Cool boarders.

blackblades135d ago

Oh yeah, had to refresh my memory. I never played cool boarders but I did loved snowboard kids. For some reason I remembered it as cool boarders my bad.

NiteX136d ago

I'd rather a new Wave Race, but I would buy this also.

Tazzy136d ago

I'd like to see a new Wave Race. :)

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