Analyst Says Investors Overreacted To Star Wars Battlefront 2 Controversy, Upgrades EA Target Price

BMO Capital Markets analyst Gerrick Johnson said in a note that investors may well have overreacted to the Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot box controversy. Long term outlook for Electronic Arts remains strong and the impact of turning off in-game purchases sounds "much larger than it really is".

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ccgr14d ago

Glad the in-game purchases got pulled, I'm sure that EA will be around for a while...did they really overreact?

13d ago
XiNatsuDragnel13d ago

Haha these investors sure mate

13d ago
BenjaMan6413d ago

Don't be too proud of this controversy terror you've constructed, Internet. The ability to whine on the web is insignificant next to the power of the Disney and Star Wars marketing machine.

Last_Boss13d ago

Lmao!! People missed your wording.

BenjaMan6411d ago

I find their lack of faith disturbing.

rainslacker13d ago

Lack of revenue from MT, and less than anticipated sales of the game, coupled with the lackluster sales of things like ME:A, will cause a hit to their stock prices.

I never thought they were in danger of going under, as they are still worth plenty of money, but a rather significant drop in the stocks, which still haven't risen back up, doesn't mean they're back where they were. It'll take time to regain what they lost, and that will have to start with them actually returning revenues which investors expected in the first place.

It's not like stocks just go back up if revenue and profit are lost. They have to actually show they're worth what they were, or what they predicted.

XMessiah23x13d ago

Good to hear I like EA games.

UCForce13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Then you like abusive relationship from EA, don’t you ?

XMessiah23x13d ago

I do not even pay attention to MT I know I wont waste my money on it so why bother even looking at it.

MagicBeanz13d ago

I play EA games, but its ok I have a safe word.

UCForce13d ago

But many others people do. Even you don’t pay attention to it, but EA will find a way to scam it. This concern isn’t overreacting. It’s legit for people don’t want thier children to get addictions. Guess what ? This backslash caught government attention because Battlefront 2 fiasco. Thank to Haiwaii Rep, there are 6 states of USA are considering loot boxes a gambling. You think these are just small, think again. If Major Publishers keep pushing like this, more states will get more attention and this discussion keep on and on and on. So 2 choice for major gaming publishers : back off or face the government regulation.

XMessiah23x13d ago

HAHAHA, thats to funny. Addiction to loot boxes.

UCForce13d ago

That’s not funny. It’s a real concern. Some people have been affected by this. The reason some people don’t want to play Battlefront 2 because they afraid being addicted again with it. So yes, if you think i’m joking with you. I’m not.

Bleucrunch13d ago

I do not think this was an overreaction. The concern is and was legitimate and Micro Transaction that EA was trying to implement was bullshit, misleading and greedy. The only game I support from EA is dragon Age and so far they have screwed up most of their franchises and milked them to ashes.

EA gets no sympathy from me because they are not the gaming company that I loved back in the day. They practices for the past 15 years have been terrible and they have lost support from a great deal of gamers. They now are relying on the casual market most of the time and we all know that they are not consistent. Hopefully EA will learn from this and do better but I have ZERO confidence that that will happen.

OB1Biker13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

I agree that the concern Was legitimate and there was a fair reaction before the games official launched we could say. However whenever SWBF game is mentioned there Is an overreaction disproportionate with the state of the game as it has been since launch. I. E. Many refuse to acknowledge that there s no Mt since launch confusing the initial intent with the up to date facts. Many other games deserve more attention as it is Now regarding mt

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