Nintendo Files New Trademark For 1080° Ahead Of Rumored Nintendo Direct

There are plenty of ideas about what could be expected in the rumored Nintendo Direct, but now Nintendo has thrown a curveball with the filing of a trademark for one of their franchises that debuted on the N64.

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xer0136d ago

I have fond memories of playing this game with my grandma on the N64.
For this reason, I would buy a switch.

136d ago
strayanalog137d ago

About time if true. Okay, so now we have a rumored game for a rumored announcement for the rumored event in which they will make several announcements.

FullmetalRoyale136d ago

A dope snowboarding game would be great for long and short sessions. I’d definitely be down. It’s been generations since I’ve played a snowboarding game.

Avalanche136d ago

nice. part one was great. the gamecube version sucked

Parasyte136d ago

That was one of my favorite N64 games

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The story is too old to be commented.