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Nitrowolf23420d ago

cool Guns of the patriot, be cool if you can yuse it in story

dericb113420d ago

Awesome trailer. They make me want trophies for this game so much.

pwnsause3420d ago

i would like to buy this, but im not until they move the servers to the PSN

micro_invader3420d ago

Agreed, I haven't played MGO for ages because of that exact reason.

BattleAxe3419d ago

Loved MGS4 single player, but Konami messed up the online part of the game. I went on to play MGO the other day because it had been so long and nobody is even playing the Gene expansion maps. They should have provided all of these maps with the game right out of the box.

Its too bad really because I'm a huge Metal Gear fan, but MGO doesn't provide the great online gameplay that CoD4, RSV2 or what Socom will bring to the table.

X_GAMER_X3420d ago

a most buy.. cant get enough of MGO.. best..

Killjoy30003419d ago

Looks awesome!!! Guuuuns of the Patriiiotts!!!