How Does the PSN Affect Retailers?

Enewtabie of writes:

Large game retailers like Gamestop make a huge amount of their income on trade-ins. The recent news that future PSP titles in Japan(and most likely the rest of the world) will hit the PSN as well as retail at the same time and the recent release of full retail games like Burnout Paradise and NFL Head Coach on the PlayStation network has got to to have a effect on their business in the long run.

"When you have full games available on a downloadable service, then you circumvent the entire trade in process. Not only is a downloadable service great for Sony, but it has a positive outcome for Publishers abroad. No more days of having buy back of games from retailers that don't sell or spend extra money on advertising and packaging costs.

Now, how do retailers combat downloads and get people into the brick and mortars? Well one way that many of you have noticed is that many retailers are starting to offer special incentives to purchase from their respective businesses. Special T-shirts or even in the case of Far Cry 2, special missions to play in-game. What we are seeing now is just the beginning of the digital download era. The beginning? Yes, I say that because for all the advances in download and internet technology there are also some barriers."

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jamal3733451d ago

I personnally hate that idea!! I downloaded siren blood curse and it was almost 10gigs !! that makes no sense!!! even with my 80g I had to delete it because I needed free space!!!