PUBG Update Now Live on Test Server, Adds New Microtransaction Crates, Tweaks Performance & More

A new PUBG update is available on the Test Server, bringing new optimization improvements, microtransaction crates, and more.

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314d ago
thekhurg314d ago

^Xbox fanboy defending loot crates on a console exclusive.

News at 11.

Petebloodyonion314d ago

Loot crates aren't new to PUGB
What's new is having loot boxes that need paid keys (like Counterstrike and Kiiingfloor) for opening them.
Also, all the crate holds cosmetic item like pants, hats, and stuff.

Personally, I love them because you can sell them on the Steam market and I made about 60$ that paid my COD WW2 game on PC.

nowitzki2004313d ago

Same here. Its all cosmetic. My character is literally naked lol. And I made close to $50 selling them on the Steam Market.

BadElf313d ago

Exactly. I do not understand these lootcrate comments. It's like "cool" to talk bad about them. Sooo many times loot crates are done poorly. But just cosmetic items? Why not?

BadElf313d ago

Lol and all you can do is do a copy and pasted "Fanboy" comment? They're just lootcrates. Cosmetic lootcrates. Stop getting your lil panties in a bunch

Jinger314d ago

And y'all thought you won against loot crates.

Finch314d ago

I will play it and I will play the heck out of this game but they, just like all the others. Will not see me pay a dime more in a form of a loot create.

Petebloodyonion314d ago

Just do like me, don't open them and sell them thru Steam :)

Finch314d ago

I will take the free ones, but I'm not paying any more real money on a loot create. I will not support it. I find it very hard and almost always don't even buy map packs. Yet I do almost pass on even map packs. I can understand buying them, but loot creates nope never. If a game ever forces me I'm out and move to the next. Only way I can see it ever becoming acceptable, is a speed way to get more faster. But should be free if you just keep on playing and work for them. I will on the one hand always go for the free version though.

Petebloodyonion313d ago

Like I said just sell the free one back
This way you're the one making money :)

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