Bandai Namco Promises News About Gundam Console Games Coming Next Week

Bandai Namco will host a new livestream about Gundam console games exactly a week from now, promising new information on the franchise.

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Majin-vegeta12d ago

How bout porting Gundam breaker 3 for the west?And ehile you're at it give me a new Dynasty Warriros Gundam

xander7076911d ago

There is an English sub version of gundam breaker 3 that you can buy. I own it. It's awesome. Search Amazon/Ebay for it.

Majin-vegeta11d ago

Yea I've looked at them but they're expensive.So I'm hoping they localize it so it's cheaper if not I'll bite and buy it on ebay

cherubidim12311d ago

no more dynasty warriors games please. those are half-assed excuses for "continuing" the franchise