Is Dead Space scary? Yes

Ars Technica: "We've been looking forward to Dead Space for quite a long time now, and I had the entirely terrible task of spending most of last night and today playing the game. While I won't talk much about specifics until we run our feature review, I will say one thing: the game is scary."

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C_SoL3540d ago

I dunno what to get.

I only have enough money 4 one game.

Motorstorm:Pacific Rift
or Dead Space.....

What to pick???

bunbun7773540d ago

but if you want my opinion-

go with fallout 3

other than that its what you really think will captivate you the most and entertain you the longest, and that would probably be LBP or R2-

heres an idea, get LBP and when you are not playing it or doing your duties, make some extra money selling plasma or well, other stuff, and then boom--- 2 games!

C_SoL3540d ago

...Trophies show that you've have played and beat the game. Don't get me wrong Fallout 3 looks hella awesome though I've made my decision and I'm going to get R2.

Thanks for your advice man.


TheTimeDoctor3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

if thats your list you got to go with resistance. i gave you a bubble for the right choice.

Raz3540d ago

Bioshock is creepy in a fun, cartoony sort of way; RE isn't creepy so much as it's a blood sport; and Silent Hill...well, it's creepy, but I wouldn't call it a game - more of an exercise in persistent frustration that takes all the fun out of being occasionally spooked.

If Dead Space is what you say it's on my must-have list. Why, this close to Halloween, haven't we seen more horror games? That's a market that hasn't even come close to being sewn up. I'd rather play a horror game than watch a horror movie, any day of the week! And just think how many folks love horror movies...seriously, that's a lot of $$$ being missed out on.

I guess EA is gonna cash in once again.

velvetelvis3540d ago

all im gonna say is monster closets. that what it sounds like. ofcourse i still want to play it.

peowpeow3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

Is Dead Space scary?
F*** Yeah! I am ready to sh** my pants :P (expressed my point a bit too much there) :D

can't wait